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this is a thread based on movies, not music...i dont have my system yet or really need help on any specific components, this is really just me trying to grasp a few concepts of surround sound....these questions grew from me attempting to put together a surround sound setup very cheaply...and the "cheap" part is problable what became my downfall.

These are 3 imaginary speaker setup senarios. To make things easier, all recievers and subs were created equal, just for these three examples. And keep in mind i am not considering floor standing speakers.

The Ultimate Surround Sound Setup would have all 5 speakers being quality two-way bookshelf's. So, everything is exactly even and has the potential to blast u out of ur room.

The "acceptible" Surround Sound Setup would be one of those "home theatre in a box deals". It would have all 5 speakrs being low quality one-way satelites. So, everything is exactly even, but lacks power. So u will get a terrific surround effect, but it wouldn't have what it takes to play that movie loud.

the last one is....My Mixed Surround Sound Setup. It would have started as a HTIB deal that consisted of "low quality" one-way's for the 5 speakers. The only speakers i keep in this are the two rear. Now i replace the center with an "ok quality" two-way speaker. Lastly, i replace the front speakers with "ok quality" two ways. Now i have a sytem that does not have a "perfect surround" effect, but i can have it louder because my two fronts will handle it better, without the distortion you would get from smaller one-ways. And the increased loudness shouldnt hurt the rears because they only do softer ambient sounds, and are hardly ever used.

The whole point of this thread is to determine if that last senario makes any sense, or worth doing. And it would be great if it could be worked like that because you can get a decent quality reciever that way for little money.

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