Best speakers under $500????


Kimberly Donovan
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I am looking for a pair of speakers for use with my stereo. Looking for something less then $500 for the pair (this should include suboofer or be a set that does not need one). Prefer something on the smaller size. Suggestions?

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Depending on what kind of music you like, how loud you listen and size of your room, you might find these bookshelf speakers to your liking:

PSB Image B25
Epos ELS3

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Paradigm Focus ($320)
Paradigm monitor 3 ($400)
Paradigm monitor 5 ($500)
Paradigm esprit towers ($430)

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Paradigm Monitor 5's will do the job nicely without a sub. They're about 21" tall though; maybe not your idea of "something on the smaller side." While they retail for $579, you should be able to get them from most Paradigm dealers for a tad over $500. Depending on your situation, you may need stands for them.

If you can't swing those, then the Monitor 3's, with a little less bass extension, would suffice.

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This is just slightly over $500 but I think would be well worth it:

Ascend CMB-170s, $328 a pair---arguably the best bookshelves under $500, just check out all their reviews.

JBL E150 subwoofer, $200 shipped


JBL E250 subwoofer, $250 shipped _Record_Search&lastSearch=&search.x=0&search.y=0&search=GO

The Ascends deliver awesome mids and highs in this price range without the harshness that many others have, and the JBL subs will nicely fill in the bottom end.

Both and have excellent money-back return policies (you pay return shipping only, no restocking fee).

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sorry, those speakers were the ones that came to my mind right away. Nix the towers! lol

Edster, Great idea!!!!! I was going to rec. ascend, but couldnt think of a decent, but inexpensive sub aside from my paradigm PDR-8 at $250.


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You might consider maximizing 'bang-for-the-buck' in this price class.
Try one of the super high quality speaker kits from Madisound, a highly reliable company.

Ones in your price range might be Seas (driver manufacturer) CYGNET MK2 KIT $465/pair with cabinets. Just donate a weekend assembling them painlessly.

Most of my current home theater speakers are Madisound kits.

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The Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 is awesome. I've done a lot of research and listening in the past year and finally bought the Ascend last couple weeks. They sound fantastic with my HK 630. You can't go wrong with the Ascend and they have the best customer service too.

As for subwoofer, I would recommend Hsu. You can purchase Hsu from Ascend website too as they are Hsu authorized dealer. The Hsu sub has very deep bass and clean. I have the VTF2-MK2 model.
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