Cat Attack !!!!!


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god damn cat has attacked my speakers one very badly the company dosent exist any more and im having real troble finding some where that offers repairs on a museatex melior one/two these are a point source planer speaker and offered me outstanding sound reproduction but sadly one diaprham is scratched and peirced and i seem to have lost a low end frequency and a distrotion in the high end apply slight preassure and it returns wondering if its the voice coil or the membrane damgage causing the coil to fail please all input welcome

ps cats dead lol

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do a search for musatex on yahoo. they might be able to pount you in the right direction. You had the companies name spelled wrong.

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try that for some information... you did in fact have the name spelled correctly. I was hoping that you knew how to spell the names of your own components


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Having spaekers in a house with a cat is like putting a junkie in a drug store and tellng him no to touch the drugs !!
It's a born thing with cats to scratch mark the house and keep the old claws sharp.
Those tall soft speaker grills are just begging to be rippped by any cat !
Put your speakers out of paw reach or use metal grills on the front !!
Note speaker companys love cats they are great for business on grill sales they could almost give you a free cat with you speaker purchase !!
You might want to buy speakers with pro grills on the front rather than that soft niffy stuff cats just love to claw into .
It's one of those things you don't think about till it happens .

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you cant put these speakers out of a cats reach as these speakers are electrostatic.
I also would not advise getting rid of them as they are a CLASSIC
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