Paradigm Legends


what are your guys' thoughts on the Paradigm Legend? Anyone demo them? any good?

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i have done a demo on them and energy c5's and c9's and for the price they are all close but sound wise i would take a look at the energy's but however if the legends are what you wont they are still a great speaker

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I'm not 100% sure on pricing, but for the price of a Legend, you could get a Monitor 5 or 7. Depending on what you want out of a speaker, I'd recommend looking at the Monitor Series.

As stated above though, it's still a great speaker.

Just my 2 cents

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I first got them for fronts and liked them enough and bought a second pair for rears. I've heard all klipsch and def tech speakers and I think they are the best pair of towers out of those 3 brands for under $1000 and I got the legends for $750 pair they were v.3's. I've never heard energy speakers before and don't know if they are better or not and I thought they were better then monitor 5 and 7's you may be able to find a pair of monitor 11's v.3 for under $1000 I've never really listend to them but they have another driver so they are probably better.

Yes i just picked them up because when i went to go demo them, at the only high end store here. Well cant really call it high end, they only carry 2brands!! The guy told me that they are getting more stuff so they gave me the legends for 850CDN regular 1000CDN. was good stuff!

I put them beside my tv and they have INTERFERANCE! what should i do? i cant put them anywhere else!

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I would take them back and get the monitor 7's shielded. you should be able to get them for about 899 and they are a better speaker.
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