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I'm considering upgrading my cerwin vega home theater speakers and I've done a bit of research and I think I've narrowed the search down to Athena, Home theater direct, and Fluance. Basically I'm looking for a pair of floorstanding towers, center, and a pair of surrounds in the $800 - $1000 price range.

With Athena's I'd go with
(2) as-f2
(1) as-c1
(2) as-r1

With HTD I'd go with the level 3 speakers

With Fluance I'd go with

I with any of the sets above I'd eventually be adding a $400 svs sub to the system at a later point in time.

From reading posts here seems that of the three I was considering options the Athena'swere most often discussed but figured I'd start a post to see how they compared to fluance and HTD speakers since they are both mail order and not easily auditioned.

Thanks for your time

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honestly, the athenas are the best of the bunch IMHO. However, I have heard good things about HTD and Fluance.

But, in that price range, I just LOVE Paradigm

Don't rule out Paradigm, as you can have a set of their entry level towers for $430 for the pair (the esprit). The focus bookkshelf speaker ($320 per pair) is outstanding as well.

the center channel is on par with these as far as sound, and is priced slightly less if I remember correctly.

They also make reverberant soundfield surround speakers. I can't remember off hand if they are dipole or bipole, but they are surround specific to give you the best possible sound out of your home theatre.

Try to find a paradigm dealer, as they will outperform all of the speakers that you have mentioned above, and for a similar price.

All of the speakers that I have mentioned above can be found in their value priced "performance" line, which gives an incredible bang for the buck.

I use paradigms in the living room, when I am not at college. I am very familiar with the sound of their speakers, and love it.


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i agree with gavin that paradigm have some of the best budget speakers out there, they are tough to beat for the price

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I actually have a set of Fluance SX-HTB's. These speakers for the cost of $260 plus shipping is a steal. When you add a sony SAWM-500 Active 12" sub it is very difficult to beat them unless you are willing to spend over $1000. I have heard very good things about the SV-10's, but have not actually listened to them.

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My advice would be an Ascend setup:

(2) CMT340 mains
(1) CMT340 center
(2) HTM200 surrounds

$1082 shipped (use the System Advisor submenu on their website)

If you want a clear, natural and neutral sound they are very impressive in this price range.


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I would also suggest Paradigm performance series since thats what I own. I have legends for fronts and rears cc-270 for center and def tech supercube 1. I would suggest:

(2)Esprits fronts $230 each
(1)cc-170 center $200

Lots of options for surrounds here's a few
(2)adp-170 dipole surround speakers
(2)Esprits floorstanding speakers
(2)Atoms bookshelf surrounds that have won many awards for best for the money

For the fronts and center plus the atoms will run about $860.

But if you don't want to spend that much go with the fluance speakers they get good reviews and you can get what you listed for around $500 hell for a extra $170 you could get another pair sv-10s instead of the av-bp2 for rears if listen to more music then movies or you like movies with good soundtracks to them it would be better.
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