Speakers for my Yahama RX-V650


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Hello, this is my first post on this forum.

I recently purchased a Yahama RX-V650 (Click for specs). Unfortunately, I haven't decided on speakers, so I'm asking you guys for some help.

I am looking to build a 6.1 speaker setup. My friend is building the subwoofer for me (he has experience). Therefore, i need 6 speakers: 2 front, 2 rear, 1 front center, and 1 rear center. Please correct me if this setup is not correct.

I am looking for some book-shelf speakers to complement my reciever and possibly a subwoofer with 2 10" drivers.

My budget for the speakers (not including subwoofer) is $800 USD.

What would you recommend for me?

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i have the smaller capacity reciever (rx-v450) and i would recommend the diamond 8.4 for the diamond 8 center and rear. i don't have a rear but the fronts and center speakers are unbelievable. use a coaxial connection to get the best from the reciever. give them a listen. wait for them to break in to deliver truly new levels of sound quality. it should definetly fit in your budget.
the 8.4s themselves have a lot of bass extension without sounding muddy.

keep me posted.

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ok, i will take a look at these speakers. Thanks for your suggestion.

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I bought the same amp recently !

I *think* I'm going to look for a PSB speaker this summer when it comes to changing my bookshelfs for a pair of towers. I think the Yamaha reciever should be paired with something slightly warmer.

Right now, I'm running 6.1 Yamaha speakers. Hopefully I can use the 7.1 feature of this amp as well.

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what do you mean by "warmer" speakers?

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Andy, what he means is that the yamaha is a somewhat bright receiver meaning it doesn't roll off the high notes, so it is better matched with a warmer speaker, one that emphasizes the midrange and isn't as bright. I agree that you should look at a warmer speaker and I recommend paradigm, as they have some very nice budget oriented speakers. Some also recommend PSB with yamaha although I have never listened to them, give both a try and see what you think.

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I am personally a fan of Cambridge Soundworks in this price segment. They have a relatively laid back sound and should match fine with a Yamaha receiver. They are definately worth a look.

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im using a yamaha rxv650 with a pair of wharfedales pacific evo 10s i recomend the wharfedales evo 10-8s or the diomond 9.1 as the dimond 9.1 use the same drivers as quads 11L speakers but if your one of these people that dont see wharfedale as a seriouse manufacturer go for mission m32i or ms avant 902s they are both great soundin with the rxv650 and a good sub i would recomend an mj acoustic if your looking for a more suttle sound or an wharfedale powercube for hard hitting bass.

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Try Ascend Acoustics CMT or CBM. They are warm and detail. Excellent for music.
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