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Best headphones for under $30Ricky O'kefee12
Wiring a pair of Sony earplugs/cable to new 3.5mm jack??gamergeek900053
10 Best Headphone Deals leo stierer3
Noob looking for good headphonesnitecrawlr5
How to get Grado HF-1Berny3
Unexceptible quality for your headphonesBerny3
Denon AH-D1100 vs. AH-A100Greg Whitman4
<£180 unamped headphones for music, movies and gameingHeadguy2
Walkman cassette?superjazzyJa1
Are the Beats by Dre Studio worth the 159$?David Porry1
True 5.1 surround headphonesSimons Parker27
Sennheiser HD570 vs. Grado SR80 vs. Alessandro MS-1Christopher Molloy19
Sony MDR-EX71SLrushone1
How Primero DPC work under extreme noise environment?Manifest Marketing1
Buzz and hum in speakers and headphonegamal1
Anyone know any type of Wireless Surround Sound Headphones?whitefish2
Headphone Recommendation?angelayu13
Speakers as headphones?3-B-T-O-D-D2
Bose headphones plug do not fit my mp3. can I splice correct jack ...3-B-T-O-D-D3
Headphones bad for hearing...Ilana2
Which headphone amp?Nout3
Headphone Check: a PollNout3
Have anybody used Sennheiser Pc35?Jack Darton1
Which Headphones are Best?Finker Andreas3
Aurvana Air Finker Andreas2
Sony MDR V700 headphones to new 3.5mm jack?James Lee2
Retractable In-Ear Headset Recommendationhappiness8881
Maxell Swarovski Crystal budz buds pink earphonessyed quadri1
Grados - try them - American best stuffGregory Thorne10
Stax Lambda Nova Basic SystemGregory Thorne1
Sennheiser HD-201 vs. JBL Reference 410Gregory Thorne5
Sennheiser HD 280pro vs Denon AH-D1000Gregory Thorne4
SENNHEISER HD 800`SGregory Thorne1
In ear phoneskyle1
Bose quietcomfort 2 reviewkyle1
Headphones plugNone1
XMOD - X-Fi module for use with headphonesHc2
Use Surround Headphones w/ Non-Surround Sourcedaniel scrobe4
Sennheiser HD565 Headphones - Intermittant FaultsBerny2
Bose and Yamaha ReviewBerny7
Ideas For HeadphonesMatt Stilwell5
Shure SE530Hubert Paul1
Shure E2C's or V-Moda VibesMatty Wallis1
Good (best?) gaming headphone?r41n1
HELP!!!! need help wiring 1/4" jack for Sony MDR CD180 headphoneskeith2
Alessandro MS-1: The Best Headphones under $100?Christopher Molloy7
Discussion and inquiry on earphone comfortbenjamin dolan2
Hi, im having toubles finding headphones that fit in my MP3 Jexx6
New Contender For Best Headphones Under $30?Jexx2
See How Good Your Headphones Really AreJexx2
For iPod use onlyStefan7
Skull CandyElla Mama2
Clip Ons And In-Ear EarbudsElla Mama4
Maxell, Jensen, EarHugger, and a $ Store Brand Connected?Gavin2
I need help picking out new headphones. (I bought the BOSE QC2's a...Gavin6
Sennheiser HD 495s - looking for something similarJo Goodwin3
Noise cancelling headphonesgavin cumm7
Sennheiser HD 424 ... Unearthed ...Jexx9
Koss PRO-4AAJexx2
Similar question to headphone jack wiring... I'll PAY YOU!!Jexx2
AKG headphones..recommend to me!James Lee2
In-ear HeadphonesJexx5
Found the motherlode of info on "cans" Need opinion on the best for...Jexx3
Complete newb, please help me out.Jexx3
X-Fi unamped Ath-A900 or A700?Jexx2
Panasonic headphonesJexx2
Comfortable headphones for a big head :-)?...Casey Wood4
Need Help With Headphones!!!Daniel Rog8
Headphones for my Dell DJDoug2
IPod, 5.1 headphonesJexx5
Noise canceling headphones instead of ear plugsJexx2
Just a comment on my headphonesJexx3
Deep bass rendition issuesmonika kuczawska6
Headphone for under 150Joe Capozziello6
How can I wire headphones to a speaker system?Cal5
Sony MDR-XD200 headphonesJexx12
Headphone and Microphone connectionscuba steve2
Headphones for a 5.1 recieverChristopher M.22
Best sound quality 4 money headphones!!scuba steve10
Grado HF-1scuba steve1
Is this the end for my Grado SR 80's?Christopher M.2
Headphone JackJeff3
Sennheiser HD 495 or HD 497 HeadphonesAndy Summers8
Pioneer HDJ-1000 Replacement cord-need it cheap!Jexx2
How do i connect the wires on a headphone jack???HEEEELP!!james1
Headphones for Church MixingIrv Rollman1
Headphones for Portable mp3 PlayerDon Kelly7
Sennheiser 497 warm up?JonM2
Sennheiser HeadphonesJonM4
Question from poland :] please help ;/JonM2
How to Bypass cut-out unitE. M. Hogan1
Sennheiser RS85 v. AKG K506Daniel Doveton1

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