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Ieee 1284 and rs-232Anonymous3
How to program Dishnetwork Receiver & DVD RecorderAnonymous2
TERK 42chris jones1
Dish Network and ViacomJohnny1
Problems with Atmelsandro5
Newbie infohelp me2
Will Dishnetwork on other receivers?Anonymous1
Have ultimate system hu won't worksolectronite.com3
HD and TiVo and DVI and HUbendogtheman4
3m's and bins and act'sraider dave2
Hughes hbh-sa receiverkolubarareka3
Short detectedsatmanog13
Moving satellite to get a signal help...satmannOG13
A loader for Dish Network cardsandro3
HELP - Sony SAT HD300 DVI won't workRoss Dillon3
Detonator xp dipswitchAnonymous1
BAD HU CARDRadzhome9
V5.0 errorAnonymous1
Good Scriptsmike ferny5
Question about problem with hu cardsAnonymous6
Rs 232 codesGlackowitz1
Why don't I get any video image from a used digital reciverAnonymous2
DSS signal boostingMARIO M1
Searching for satellitewillie wilson1
Do i need a diplexer????Yonelba3
I am a newbie, I need help...p winfield2
Adding additional TV to existing DirecTV setupjohn dough2
Free bin files sitesNeonb2
IRC GroupsJeff Williams1
Direct TV connectionsRamon L. Cook1
HDTV receivers and HU cardsDenny2
Sattelite help pejman3
Hex FilesBluez5
Sony HD300, DirecTV, and UPGRADESNorm Laudermilch1
Dish 811 receiver opinionsSonyNoWorky3
New bins and hexs filesAnonymous5
Rca Recievers PHIL3
Having problems with cardtony sing1
HU is dying, what is next? Schedule belowAnonymous1
ALL PPVGiovanni Trussardi5
I really need a 3m file that WILL get me PPVBlake Chaight1
Access card problem?tom3
Mikobu III : Device not detected.Anonymous59
HD200Clown 696
Signal Noise HD200stephen davis2
Dish PointingAnonymous2
My HU card is in yhr Mikobu III and it tells me to insert cardAnonymous4
Do I really need an $80 surge protector?John Edwards5
Best sports sounds from my satellite?John Edwards2
No Signal on some but not all channels. HELP!!!Anonymous3
DSS AuctionsAnonymous3
Hacking Direct TV vs. DishLion3
P5 questiontell you2
Selling all my satellite stuff 4 cards two receiverstell you3
Absolute 1 Premier Edition Driverstell you2
What's the best loader/programmeryamus7
Question about piggybacking off a legit subDaveSucks3
Wanted people who subscribe to daveJackson Daniels5
Need some help please!theone3
5.1sound from DTVBen Dover14
Pip / hdtvWill Geiger1
Staus of HU cards?Joe7182
Dish NetworkJames Bond1
Cleaning hucardsrichard pantojas1
A question anyone can answerjust burnt2
Bin numbersacidinfo1
My HU was swapped.Is it dead ? cali7774
Bins and Tits GaloreLucifer Smith1
Avenger SE Update ?Anonymous6
Need helprita johnson1
Cheap P4 cardsTom9
DSS no phoneTerry1
Lets Get P4 crackedteo3
Hauppage pc sattelite cards?teo6
Newbie infoRookie23
Device: Not DetectedJohnthenewbie73
Accidently Removed Card During Glitchingdon juan3
Detonator-XP Helpjohnthenewbie1
Music Choice with HU or BSH CardKent Hacket2
Avenger SE Update ServerKent Hacket1
2 room system in two houses, doable?cali7772
Local channels in hdtv on directv?Bob R8
Getting started with Dishcali7772
Directv newbies......Dan Luna5
How come i still have preview channels and music with the hu card?cali7772
I am Looking for P4 cardsKent Hacket2
Thinking outside the box..err..cardNewGuy45
Switch from direct tv to dishnetworkAnonymous2
Help me out Anonymous3
Dishnet setup......Anonymous1
How do i tell if my card obsolete or if it can be reprogrammedcali7772
Is this possiblecali7773
Does any body have a clue what programmer will be good for p4honeybee4
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