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Need help with DP Plus and 4x1 DiscqSteve Ng1
Rex-1 new software is coming anmolsandhu1
MvideaEva Diaz2
Urgent-35 % complete.......pansat 2700Eva Diaz5
LoaderDave Mach3
Losing channelsEva Diaz28
Missing BEV??? Pls HelpHomer2
Any Fix for Microyal 1000 ??Mo Habbal3
Co*lsat clone fixfank14
Channel List for 110, 119 & 121Mark7
Pansat 2500 uploader, downloader, updater, etc.Eva Diaz3
Can someone please help me Usama Bin File6
Help With Pansat 2700 akaykastro1
Missing ChannelsTyler Durden2
Co*lsat 6000lalu singh2
Loosing quality on dish when i hook up bevTyler Durden5
How to download new bin?Tyler Durden6
Newbie - wants to learn high schoolqbee40
VS2000 X-Treme FreezingRomeo1
277 bin helpelectropunk6
COOLTEClouie rivera25
NEED HELP!!!!Dixon Butz10
Digiwave fixhanibal5317
Pansat2500a is working greatePT48
Dish Still not working :-(electropunk5
Good info for cableJason Borne4
Can someone please help me!!electropunk2
Sony Entertainment Television?Tyler Durden2
Fortec star lifetime ultramiki280
I only have one channel Dixon Butz12
Norw123 foundelectropunk3
Please lk i need ur helpyves kh.4
Need The New Keys Here 4 PansatLK2
Pansat 2700a deadLK4
Cooltec receiver is dead. no lights or anythinglouie rivera3
How To Add Echo 9 in my .gtd Channel ListMark1
Vortex 7700 please helpJamila tanner1
Is there a fix for digiwavedamindar ghumman2
.............. .Atmega 128 ...............Mc Sunny2
Need help for Pansat 2700? After updated the new binWill Liu1
DISH keysbui le4
Have Pansat 2500a working yet....?bui le19
Why does it say Wait for Picture!!? bui le2
World Cup Soccer ?>Dream Sound6
Pansat3000 file/fix ? Plz. Helpcopygirl7
Ppv on 3500sd?Klitschko3
How do you use a intergated lnbJohnner2
CW 600 loading Problem pls helpJohnner4
Fortec fix officially out!!tin fish15
Will A USB Port Connection Work with Pansat 2500a?Nick11
Sat only at 22%Ted Bone7
Any word on a fix for mvidea???juan torres1
Any fix for DN PPV HBO etc.Jim1
Any fix for DN PPV HBO etc.Jim1
Latest safest fix for all pansat 2500aisaact1
Anyone missing HBO-ETed Bone15
Pansat 3500 clone binwing7
Pansat 3500s in troubleMillertime4
Viewsat Xtreme helpfred dryer1
Pansat 3500sdLK4
Hep LK or Evafred dryer10
Which loader Do I Need For Pansat 2500a Reciever???rich castello3
Need Help with 2500a Bin Loading Pleaserich castello7
Fortec star life time classic no fixLK2
Need assistance with 2500A BIN oadingrich castello35
Help Me Please!Nick3
Question for fortec lifetime ultra (please read) manuel2
EPG Loading screenNick12
How to input keys in fortec classicSam Pat2
Address anyone pleasePhilip Hart1
Bin for Pansat 2700EVP1
MVIDEAjuan torres3
MP3 filesDave Mach1
Keys for Dish NetworkPT1
Blackbird clonerossy1
Remote code for Vizio L20 with Dish echostarGeorge Birdsong1
Pls someone answer 4 Captive works questions?gus1
Please help fortec loaderSam2
Help hooking up 2 SAT with 1 RecieverJason Borne2
Which Cable Do you need READEva Diaz1
CW 600 Need Help for BEVgus1
LK or any1 that knows anything about Ariza 700h.m.3
Uploader for fortec lifetime ultraLK3
Someone Plz Help Me Jason Borne4
Bev to dish sat adjustmentJason Borne2
Anyone experiencing some channels freezing?Jason Borne5
What is min "Use the appropriate loader"? Lada1
Pansat 3500sHu Rider2
Any fix for ariza xtreme?Eva Diaz4
In your opinion,what is the best HD FTA receiverTim3
Need helpLK2
CW600 Need` Helpgus4
Need helpGeorge Manios1
Need Loader Ted Bone3
Help pleaseSakapfet1
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