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Nimique Satelitehelp a new person1
Need help on a channel!baba khan2
How u use Jeapers folder ????baba khan1
DVB DSS Content protectionSam Sam4
Cannot scan in channelshuetien21
Anybody Know anything about MULTISTAR recieversIan Broomfield1
Factory resetbaba khan17
Pansat Set Up GuideLK4
Telstar 5 and amc4deki2
Cheap receiversjkemart1
Pansat 2700A Helpjkmart105
Out of the loop for a whileTVFan3
A spy with $20 help idea!Scented Kitty3
Help programing my pansat 2500aScented Kitty7
Some one with patience please help me with my pansat 2500aScented Kitty4
LK please e-mail me asapIan Broomfield1
Still need help and info for Multistar {see thread below]LK2
Newbie Wants to know if its worth it?LK7
Help with Pansat 3000 LK5
Pansat 2700a epgknee grow3
Can some one help me cant download stuff in to my pansat 2500alokoz jb4
Multistar reciever info needed[i.e: what files]Ian Broomfield1
Explanations needed for setupbaba khan2
Directv to FTALK3
To all Electronic WizzardsLK8
2500 channel listLK4
$20.00 to who ever helps me fix my pansat 2500alokoz jb10
Ariza Extreme Binbuybythename8
Cool-sat 5000 Down Orasat 5.0 Up WHY?!?!ezascz3
Having problem with fortec recieverjnextnline6
Pansat 2500 CloneGrim2
Please HELP Pansat 2500AAln60
Pansat 2700aBobby1
Little helpful for dishnetwork receiversbaba khan1
Echostar 9 at 121 WAnonymous16
Where can i get nagraAnonymous3
Pansat 3000Akalwani6
Im ready?knee grow4
Cricketknee grow1
2700 N2 HelpsAznviet16
How can i download stuff to my pansat 2500aMaple Leaf8
Changeing favorite nameAnonymous8
Norw-ver 114LHarris2
Did keys role todayMaple Leaf5
Converting Ultra to Pansat with chansysandLK14
LK need help!!!Colin1
Olympics on BEVAnonymous1
The new Pansat 3500SDThanksLK3
Problem with 2300a 250 binColin1
Need Help with finding Ch.457 etc.LK2
Pansat 2500 A programing to Bin applicationLK6
Cool sat and cool tecLK3
Lost all international channelshelp_pls1
Pansat 3500S new fix from Blacklist 2/3/06LK15
Ariza 700 - BEVrandy randy10
Is there a way to get free nagraLK3
Got B E V working how to get Dish Network? pansat 2007ape2
Hey Lk Caveman341
New Problem with Pansat 2700aYousuf5
Auto rollbaba khan11
Fta reciever to dishnetwork Ariza 70045
X-00cl CooltecX-00cl2
How to "Set Default Key"LK1
Bev autoroll fixesbaba khan4
Latest bin for 2700aLK3
Want To Buy Death ReceiverAnonymous4
Pansat 2500 newbieJim Fatigato1
How to jtagjustice2
Best FTA. to start withWizard Of OZ3
Fortec LifeTime UltraPRFRMNJ13
Fortec lifetime ultra autorollPRFRMNJ8
Is there anyway to get rid of a full access carddamian1
Geting rid of a full access carddamian1
Please help C**lsat 4didka Gerda1
BEV DOWN AGAIN?kosovari3
Norw-ver 114 uploadingsRAC2
Best receiver to buyAnonymous7
Help with Pansat 3000 SLK10
Veiwsat problemjustice4
Black screen on viewsat 2000Mossok1
Jtag on cools*t?Eric Hu2
Problem with fortecEric Hu2
Bin 271 and Nimique 1 (BEV)hockey hockey2
2700a Bin File anyone?justice20
Multistar Pantec Ultraleisure3
Receiver that you can input two sets of key(for active,future)ynot59299
Viewsat Plat/Card ReaderThehitch1
Pansat 2700 N2ducek1
Channel lock upantenna1
Olympics feedsplytghj3
Are the bins good for other satellitesLK2
Channel list questionLisa1
Setup help...for cool sat 5000frenchie671
Setup helpwraith0641
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