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I got a DishNetwork Receiver (Model#2700) It has the Rectangle cut out in the bottom of it (the Jtag Port I believe someone called it), I also have a dish500 Dish/Antenna with the 2 seperate LNB's, I learned from one website that I can convert that receiver to FTA receiver by purchasing aQuad Mode 6000 Jtag (for 39.99Plus S/h of 18.99) and something called a Atmega 128 with programmer (for 49.99 plus s/h of 18.99) and all the software/programs come with those, oh yeah said I would also need to purchase a Diseqc Switch (didn't get a price)to be put in line from the dish to the receiver, they said with that system right there I would be set, that I would be able to get up to 600 channels 300 from each LNb, And something along the line of all the channels being DishNetwork. My question is this,from the little amount of info Ive given can anybody tell me if it sounds like it would work, and if so how well or is it even worth messing with? I also failed to mention that I dont have the access card for the receiver is that something that is a must? Was also wondering if the 2 Items the Jtag and Atmega what kinda work am I looking at installing those,i.e; soldering? Or should I not buy any of that crap throw in another $100 and some change and get me a Pansat3500 or coolsat5000 something like that. Just looking for some thoughts/opinions maybe some pros/cons vise versa, I'm still a virgin as far as all this goes but when i lose my virginity I want it to be an enjoyable experience just like the first Time. Appreciate any help Fellas.

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get a pansat. cool-sat viewsat will not work as well as pansat on complex setups as yours will be.

i would get a pansat 3500sd or low cost unit pansat 2700a. Do not get the cool-sat 5000 it will not support all your needs. You will get more out of the pansat on this type of setup.

No do not buy a atmega 128bit card. those are not free to air. those will get you busted and in jail with a huge bill.

all you need to do is buy a pansat 3500sd flash it(update the software on it using the data cables) then it will be able to read dish net channels. you will be able to get all the channels your dishes are pointed at most users point at 110 and 119. You can get a 119 110 121 on yours if you have super dish. (it has 3 lnbs 1 for 110 one for 119 one for 121.)

then you will be up watching TV for free for good.

go with the pansat it will give you more for you money. you might not have these small things cool-sat 5000 has but it will be better for your system this way. even orasat 5.0 it might give you better picture and sound but pansat will give you the best setup and over all best use.

here are a few store links
i buy off
heard the #2 one is a good place never got mine off them the top one has been very good.

well man good luck with your setup
ps you dont need nor should get a card or card programmer such as atmega 128. bad idea.


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yea good info he is right stay away from cards card readers card programmers at all cost. free to air is the way.

all you need is a pansat receiver and youll get all the channels you want try it.

he is right for complex setups you want a pansat.

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Don't buy anything from any links that gets provided on this site, because there are a lot of spammers trying to sell you stuff that might end up dead fast. If you want to buy an FTA receiver then go for Viewsat, I have a viewsat, pansat and Cool*sat, but in my opinion the best of them all is Viewsat and you will know this by reading reviews about this receiver. Their support is awesome, you get the file with an hour of going down which most receivers don't, plus there isn't any clones for Viewsat yet. There are lots of clones out there for Pansats so if you want to save headache and money then stay away from Pansat. The guy who give a long review about pansat is most probably a dealer who wants to sell you the product. Don't bother getting a jtag for your receiver, because one thing you end up paying for software for it and the other thing is that they go down faster then FTA's. Another choice of receiver is Captiveworks, which is actually better then any of them in regards to software, but I can't recommend it because I haven't used it. Stay away from Pansats as there are tons of clones out there that die quickly.

I think LK will tell you the exact thing, don't you LK??

Good luck

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Actually I have an entire thread here "Best DSS sites" that is all links to good sites, so I do disagree with U saying do NOT buy from any links here!

Buying FTA is smarter than converting his DN 2700..Pansat 3500SD , Viewsat Extreme, and Coo*lsat 5000 are top 3...with Captiveworks starting to get some attention lately..Buy from a sponsor at one of the sites I have linked in my Best DSS sites thread... associated with dsscentral/dsscommunity sells genuine products associated with would be my top picks


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Thanks to the 3 of you, The Info you all provided is greatly appreciated. Just one more questions is there any kind of Tell Tale signs on wether or not your buying a clone or is it the real deal? Once again thanks and I appreciate your time

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There are NO clones of the ones I listed!....and the dealers I provided, do NOT sell clones!
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