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Clip on OTA antennas for dishesbruce c1
HITACHI 60a500aGregg K4
Mitsubishi, Hitachi, or Toshiba?UNICRON-WMD1
Good Buy or Not!!! Sony 46" and/or 51"kirupa6
Samsung DLP adviceLexx3
Gateway 56" DLP - any thoughts/input?Herbert Hofffman4
Is Akai PT4298HD a good deal at $899??Craig Cyphers1
Samsung hln 507w ?can i upgrade to the HD3 chip?Larry D2
Projection tv flickering with black linesthomas li5
Akai Plasma TV: no HDTV picturejoseph madajewski4
Analog and dlp questionLance Vogel1
Need advise/opinions on Hitachi Products reliabilitySerick6
Philips Ebox for EDTV PlasmaKidA3
Dlp vs. lcdAnonymous6
Help with Sony Wega and Progressive Scan DVD player..sgtpeper3
Help choosing an RPTVAnonymous4
KF-50WE610 and letterbox viewingKarlo Hernandez3
KDF-70XBR950 Stuck PixelsRobW3
KF60XBR800 vs. KF60WE610Gregg K1
Samsung HLM 617WAnonymous25
SAMSUNG 30" CRT Widescreen HDTV TXM3098whfPaul K27
Toshiba 57HL83 in-stock?scoobs19692
Why would I ?Anonymous3
CRT Rear-Projection and HDTV SignalsSanjeev Tharma1
DATA Projectors for Home Theater. BIG DILEMMA!John A.2
Hitachi Technology Converts 720p to 1080p!!!Sanjeev Tharma1
Best RPTV under 2 grandAnonymous16
Proscan PS27600 set up with cable and vcrsox1
Gateway 56" DLP TelevisionRoger Kory1
Question about a T.V. Problem (Someone Please Reply)Matthew McCraney1
BenQ PB7100D.Monk2
Anyone with Samsung HLN617W Please Helpjohn seibert3
Akai CFT2791 input problemsTerry Stedman1
Sony XBR vs. Samsung DLPPembroke Pines5
Bed tv or dvd??Anonymous4
Can we play NTSC TV's in India??Shrikant Rao1
Comments on Hitachi 65T500Craig Kam3
Did I make a decision I'm going to regret?RobW4
Component Video Problem RobW5
36" Sony 36XBR450 - cheap?Gregory Stern2
Rear Projection TV's / DirecTVAnonymous5
Please help Decision TimeGary M.1
Search for a CRT with 720P NativeSean Thames1
Panasonic Tau vs. Sony wegaDarrin Bourret2
50 or 56 dlp?tom roughan3
How would I convert a video composite signal to a component signal???Club Fusion, Fitchbu1
Samsung HCN4727W and Hughes e86 HIRDvincent urbano1
Component Video issue with AV ReceiverAdam16802
Zenith C32V37 or Philips 34PW850HCraig C1
Mustang/HD2 dlp technology vs. old DLP tech...A4BB7
Hitachi 50v500 slow to change/aquire channels?Greg Markle2
Sharp Aquos tv problemAnonymous1
Sony KV-32HS510Ted Smiter2
Hitachi HD Repairejk8231
Pioneer Elite PRO-530HDI CRT vs. Sony KF-50WE610 LCDjohn molitor6
Picture-in-Picture QuestionRand Man3
Sony & 1080i QuestionAnonymous3
Sony KF70WE610 ?????Anonymous2
Zenith lcd projectionstevie d1
Your opinions of Philips and Daewoo...PanFan2
I need help hooking up my computer to my 65" hdtvANTHONY DELLARCIPRET1
Sony KV30HS510 WidescreenCraig C1
Samsung HPN4239/HPN5039Tim Alien1
480p native vs 1080i native?RobW2
Anyone have Samsung DLP & PS2Eric K20
CRT Widescreens/ 4:3 viewing size?Anonymous4
Samsung HLN 56in w/811 Receiver Issueseswift0283
Component Video Switch BoxBerny2
Toshiba 51HX83michaelp681
Cc pushing hitachi over sony ?Anonymous21
Need some Hitachi 50v500 help...Mike4
SEARS & GWIII TVAnonymous4
New Projection TV settings? Jack Gilliam1
Which one: Mitsu ws 55413 or Tosh 51hx83michaelp681
Progressive Scan in Toshiba TV?Jack Gilliam1
New Hitachi set up and fuzzy?Allen Willits2
Zenith d60wlcdAnonymous2
Has anyone seen the JVC 34WP84 or Toshiba 34FX83?Scootusa014
Amateur Cable Hook Up Question - Easy oneAnonymous2
Suggestions on lcd ProjectionRobW8
Health precautions when using a Degaussing Coil?Anonymous2
Hitachi 51S500 Commentsdave christiansen3
Hitachi 50V500A problemsMike1231
Sony DRPTV's out for 3 months due to....Harley3
Maintenance on LCD/DLP/PlasmaRobW4
RCA 50 inch DLP- Thoguhts?Robert Blake2
This story on intel's upcoming hdtv is a good example of why to wai...ati hdtv2
Big screen vs Projector????help!!!Steven3
Sony LCD or Mitsu Diamond??Steven22
Sony's new 70" LCD - KDF70XBR950 roland findley67
Need help with HLN567W and DVD moviesEric K4
Philips 30PW850HRobert A7
Mits 42311 or Toshiba 42h81?Cutter1
Asking Q's and seeking advice: Philips 34PW850H or Toshiba 50H12?Robert Blake10
Sony 34" Wide S510 VS. Phillips 9819 ???danimal3
Who makes the best DLCDRPTV so far? Harley1
When will the NEW Models come out?arungupta4
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