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What's with the lockup and freezes?LK11
Has any one else lost the channels of dish net 119Tim32
What exacaly is an autoroll?Tim14
EPG Problem...Tim17
What channels can you get with Co_ol Sat pro 4000Tim7
Hey what just happened to Cool sat new stb file(Jun 09, 2005)?nub too16
Cool*sat pro 4000 pro autorolls (nothing else)james millard3
Clearing informationMathias Creely1
Bin info and etc on Starcom, Sunny and Pansat ReceiversJR Galendez1
CRTC hypocrites1 Tina Chick3
Connecting 2 motorized sats to a co*lsat pro4000sg1
Can you test NOVA on c*olsat 400prosg1
Fortec star lifetime ultraRandy Anderson16
New Key 6/13/2005Tim29
Zero response to my plea for helpRandy Anderson2
Pansat 2700a problemsColin2
LK lets talkColin16
Cablevision Users in Long Island UniteDevlish Devin6
Premier Board works!!!Anonymous1
Autoroll for pansat 5000hc and program guiderobert el gordo1
Pansat 2500A - 2300Ashay676
Advice on Dish network receiver'sjj-dynomite355
Rain fade,Sunspots?Anonymous1
Comcast digital cable boxAnonymous1
Pansat 2500a RS232 connection ProblemMegs2
How Do I Password Lock My CardJacks Back2
Autoroll linkAnonymous4
How to Change the Key in Pansat 2500aAnonymous3
2700a new bin from Blacklisth3lt3r sk3lt3r1
No adult chanels on pansat 2500a?Tim5
Pansat 2700 frozen at first menu screenjoseph owens1
Samsung SIR-TS160 receives no signal from Satellite 110crazy772
Having difficulty finding the 119...ANALMAN RETURNS3
Pansat 2500a Newbie HelpTim3
New autoroll file 276 available for Fortec Lifetime UltraBat1
New Pansat 2500 autoroll binBobR1
Dishnetwrk ppv schedule on webgarcia7225
Fortec Star help!!mrho55
KeyCode functionjunior782
Dp 301 receivercharles w1
Convert bellexpress receiver to dish netAnonymous2
Tuesday 3-29..New keys again todaysum1134
Loaders received from p4-support.comsuckthis027
NEW KEYauto moto32
LK............i need you man.........THE-GAME2
Problem with Echo 6.8spartan816
LK..You Must Read this and everyone elseFranklin MacDonald6
Does any one's pro 4000 is not working????LK2
ECM Has Occurd (fortec life time ultra )Franco1
Pansat 2500A and Pansat 2700ATim32
Dish 301 and magic carddavid quinter2
Cool_sat 4000 pro helpLK3
PLS Need help pansat 5000 need dish net keysDavid Dean4
PPV sportsLK2
What's The New Bin and Key code for Lifetime UltraLK7
Pansat 2500a 119LK93
Can ExpressVu connect with Directv dish LK2
Autorolls not working, input keys manually for nowLK2
Shaw Cable Descrambler??Anonymous16
Fortec Need help !!!!!Dan1
DTV new access cards and maybe a future hackHD Forme7
Star ChoiceBullet Head1
Direct TV or Dish Networkhattrix3
Help with Ariza Ultra 500LK6
One more thing with this Ariza..........Lez1
Fortec Ultra Autoroll - S Video Cable?LK13
LK...pansat 2500 new key questionLK109
Need help flashing Pansat2500A stays at 0%Anonymous10
DVR possible for dave share?HD Forme10
MegSat Newbie HelpLK2
Can someone help out....i have problems...LK6
Yo lk, here is the telstar 5 file Bon1
BEV in CanadaColon Cowboy5
P4 Loaders , P4 Scripts , Simple P4 HacksLK2
Cablevision NYC and Rapid Random INversionrasstar2
Knee grow suckshelp please6
Direct TV HD ProgrammingHD All The Way1
FTA receiver Mr_Knuckle_duster9
CableVision Cable >>>Descramblers!!!!Cableeeee11
Cartoon NetworkBon7
Need help loading a fortec lifetimeLK2
ISO-7816 & P5HD Forme1
Lost Channels after autoroll binJoshua Anthony Abbot1
LK heres a thought!!!!dorita11
What does a codes used for? Im a newbBon1
Pansat 2700A newbee help pleaseLK12
Ignore the jerks!...and making this a better forumsLK15
Kneegrow is busting U all..kneegrows cousin1
Bell Express Vu Avr's & N2steve smith1
No Quality AutorolltTIME TO REWIND LK7
Converting bev to dishpeter gajdos1
Cool Sat 4000Pro-Scamble ChannelExhunter1
Please Help need autoroll & Channel guide for fortec lifetime ultra...Anonymous1
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