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Hey guys my dad is a mannager at best buy....and they are goin to give him a big 50% discount on one of these 2 TV..because He got to sell alot of TV....

Now some people that work at best buy dont know about TV's alot.......some iam asking here...

so what tv is better..........

1- 2


TV 1 or TV 2

the PROTRON or the LG

now some people told me that the PROTRON is a really good tv....ect.....because theyve seen it on shopnbc the channe.....SHNBC

but i dont know like the proton cost 1,200 the LG cost 4,000 to 6,000

so wich one is better and does the LG have HDTV...because it only says HD.......

because i dont want to buy a receiver for the HDTV.....

thanks guys ....i would really be thankfull if you guys can summit your votes cause i have to decided by this saterday........

THANKS............and if anyone wants to buy anything i could get you guys a great price.......specially to ----LK----
and all the people who help out in the forum...


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Buy the proton. At 50% off from the $1,299.00, it is a very good deal for a LCD printer at that size.
The LG TV there is just an EDTV (852x480 resolution). The price listed there is simply way too expensive for such unit. Even when you get 50% off, it is not such a good deal.

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TVnut but the question is wich one is better...????
the price does not matter cause its goin to come out 50 percent discount.....i just want to know wich is better and why??????

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Hey like is there anyone that knows about TV's or what

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Why don't U go to another Electronics/TV store and pretend U're a buyer..and ask them..they are the TV experts,supposedly..

and since your dad is the Bestbuy manager,I'm sure he's resourceful enough to find out himself which is the better..

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I have been selling tvs for years and I personally would go with an lg but not "that" lg. This is an old model and no longer available. I am in Canada and at retail you can buy a 42 plazma lg for 3500. I would wait.
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