DTV new access cards and maybe a future hack


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DirecTV has introduced yet another "NEW Access Card" into the mix of things for its Satellite system. This new card is now slowly being placed in new IRDs and as well as being sent out as a replacement card now for other reasons to the end users of their subscriptions. It has only been sent out in a very small portion for now but it is being reported a bigger movement and exchange will take place as we move closer to Christmas 2005 this year.

This card was talked about and first showed distribution during the last Superbowl Sunday when DirecTV launched their new add compaign they called "Rethink TV" and along with a new Access Card Logo as well for the company.

Even on the DirecTV website they mention they launched the "Rethink TV" campaign and talked of it and the new access card as well. Beyond that DirecTV mentions nothing about a card swap or what this new card hopes to do or if its being done for any possible piracy reasons or other or ??? They leave that area totally in the dark and most likely for good reason in their minds.

Now since the VA packets being logged, such as it is and best we can do as it is, don't "Appear" or "Seemed" to change in length we would suggest it is merely a repackaging of their product for the most part. The ATR and all info comes back the same as the older P4/D1 cards info using what we can for software and card readers to gather such internal data.

It is also being reported in the "UnderGround" that DirecTV has also fixed some internal "Chip" issues with the release of this new access card and possible future security problems that had been uncovered over the past two years. These so called "Flaws" or "Holes" have been totally "closed, fixed and more" so it is said.

But we can't know for sure if their really is any other internal physical changes as of yet but YOU can be assured DirecTV DID more than just put a new paint job on this new access card.

If it wasn't for the fact that many DirecTV subscripters already have them in hand and in use, we would otherwise have thought that they were going to be used for the promotion of the upcoming MPEG4 systems that will be coming out later this year full boar. But, MPEG4 doesn't require a new card, but a new flashy logo access card and add compaign does seem to be the thing and logicial for the most part in DirecTV's mindset. I would suggest there is only a small amount of cards out as of yet but they are there and I have seen then too as well and it is happening now.

So, in short or maybe the long of it all, DirecTV has made another move to promote its business, push its Satellite system out into a bigger market and most likely no doubt plug some "Holes" they saw or knew of and have made it even itself more " Piracy Proof ", so it seems for now.

"Dish" Satellite Systems is in the process of doing the same with its new cards too, so the DSS Testing World for will be getting even tougher soon if much at all as we go down this road. Time will tell as the DSS world as most here know of it, changes and continues to "Shrink".

reply by a VERY well known DTV hacker who beat Dave at his own game AND in court..

06-09-2005 02:49 AM
Good Point..
What LK is talking about is true.. The newer access card is probably has some new command ops and a new paint job. I am currently continuing on my project with the p4.

i do have issues yet but there is a way to get a VALID dump of any p4. I will go as far to say that if you saw a dump of the card it was FALSE, none are even close..... I am sorry i didnt call out the fakes earlier.

if dave doesnt know about my access point, then there is a chance that the new card will have it, thus is the reason that i just didnt tell you. He is Committed to the new card now and i promise when i get the 6 in the mail, that i will quit my job and get on it,, We all need to mass at the web sites peeps, even if nothing is happening yet, and after charlie. We cant let d or c push us around, i aint going out like that. I didnt spend 7-8 years on this to stop now. DONT LET DSS SITES GO DOWN.. PLEASE..

My buds are worried about me and safety, so i have some buds with my current setups. holding my info so it wont get lost or stolen..

GREY SHORE def= what dave is going to see on every fishen trip..

Grey shore is the name of the project i have invested about a year now.. I realized i couldnt fix a playstation with nintendo parts. Started from scratch grey shore is a machine that interfaces betweent the card and reciever and a certain chips on the reciever to a computer,, the info this machine has given me is invaluable.. and the first breatch into the working of the card..enough to just send the card what i wanted and the first cards didnt loop.. dave did those in for me later, lol im into card 14 and there is spankder vision and a little ppv.. i have been working channel by channel, some are blocks of channels..
so you see p4 dumps from other sites i looked at them and compared them to the first of my dumps. i didnt even know for two months if mine was wrong, but then confidence hit me like i was having a fu*ckin telethon man. and i realized that i could send the p4 any thing while it was unlocked in the reciever, encryction for some reason i was just sending it numbers, watching the reciever blink funny... thats no shi*t..... and i sent it a line from my dump and that was it.... but then it didnt work after so much time. so i changed the ending randomly and PO*RN .... ONLY ONE CHANNEL and it lasted for 15 min, i couldnt even tell you why then. now i know why now.

anyways Grey shore is for the future, it counts clocks, mvolts, and other various tasks, and yes it does it between all the contacts on the card, wink wink all on 7-segment displays before any thing go to a computer.. even a legit cards it give same reading,

all the current loaders and or scripts in winex....
are all retired now.. i give you my absolute respect and honor for the time you have given us. thank you no1be4me for the vision, i see it to baby.

Pics and some specs of GREY SHORE are coming
Work on white card and info are going to be HERE first
remember im now a junior member lol..

p.s. i have read around and my only compatition is mabye the Indiana group,,, they got the right idea, but i dont know sinse they said they used a modded loader.... Parallel port is correct if your using 16bit data interface.. sorry we cant work together but keep up the work,,,, this isnt a race but a survival of our lively hood

more to come....................

some info has been misconscrewed to prevent you from tring this at home,, until im finished lol


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LK (or anyone).....
I have a electoronics background, but no DSS experience at all.

I found this low cost smart card developer tool kit for $100. It comes with a 7816 reader, some sample code, and software to run under XP & other OSs. All I want to do is learn some very basic background info on smart cards.

Here is the kit:

And here is my question:

Can I drop a P4 or P5 card into this reader and will it read anything? I am not trying to break any encryption or anyting (I don't even own or have a dish on my house). All I want to do is learn some Smart card basics via P4 and/or P5 cards.

If this kit is not the one, maybe you can suggest another? Again, all I am trying to do is learn some *very basic* info about P4 & P5 cards.




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Here is the photo of New Acces Card named in underground like "p6"

mmmmm only 1 kb avalaible for uploads image??

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HD...that is the problem...we cannot get a full DUMP (read) of P4 or P5 card..

" All I want to do is learn some very basic background info on smart cards."

If U just want to learn smart card basics ,then yes use that kit..but not for P4/5 smart card reads..

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Ah, I see. Do you think the kit I am looking at probably is just as good as any to take a *partial* look at a P4/P5 card? Or will inserting the card in this kit give me nothing at all to look at?

I don't care if I kill my card (I don't have satellite service) but I have a few cards to play with.

Thanks for the good feedback.


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thats why this is called "TESTING"..

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And LK said, "thats why they call it TESTING"

So true my friend!

I have found two other links that look fun. This one is a ebay link for a 7816 reader, sample code, & drivers that run under windows for $20. Can't beat that price Great for a hobbyist: %26%26

And here is another item(s). Reader plus writer. I am not sure where I could find dos/ windows drivers or software for it. This is a bit over my head at the moment, but might be fun to play with in the future... Other advanced hobbyist might be interested in playing with this puppy.


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