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Denon 3803 vs. Denon 2805David A. Kulisch16
Harman Kardon AVR 235Cyrus6
Whats my to speakPaul18
Best place to buy hk receiver online?Edster9225
H/K AVR635 vs DPR2005Edster9223
NAD T773 chipsetPaolo2
VSX56 Txi with Kef XQ5's?(XQ2c center)Paul9
Help with sound setup...Stof5
HDMI receiversArt Kyle11
Looking for low cost simple set-up please helpPeter Galbraith19
NAD T753 or Arcam AVR 200Johnny51
Marantz SR8400patnshan235
Current systems vs Older systemsJames Lee3
Pioneer Elite VSX-56Txi vs. Yamaha RX-V2500 vs. JVC RX-DP15BXsound9
Which equipment to purhcase ???Tim Dugas5
Need Advice. HK AVR235 vs Denon AVR685Paul10
Holy MOFO!!! (...and Gawd bless Art Kyle!)Edster92265
Who likes my experimental system?TB88
A few SR8400 setup questionspatnshan11
Does Sony suck balls?Paul C.48
Harman Kardon 635 Set up helpMarkus2
Important to buy from Authorized Dealer?Jan Vigne24
HTR5890 - strange ?Paul4
Need receiver recommendation to match Speakercraft and SVS SubStof7
Help selecting receiver for pre/proZiggyZoggyOiOiOi8
How much???Peter Galbraith7
Any opinions on marantz sr7300ose?My Rantz2
Crossover settings on Marantz receiversPeter Galbraith3
NAD T753 vs HARMAN KARDON 635Paul9
Ripplewood/D&M Holdings - Denon, Marantz and...Stof2
Sony strde595jet20012
Different Receiver Crossover's freq. for speakers.Jan Vigne2
Onkyo TX-NR901 vs Harman Kardon AVR 7300 vs Pioneer Elite VSC-56TXiArt Kyle19
Looking for best 5.1-7.1 HT receiver for between 800-1200 USDjoseph coulson22
NAD T773 or NAD T743+NAD Art Kyle5
Myth/Truth HelpEdster92211
Luxman LR-2200 repairsDominic James1
DVD Digital Coaxial to Analog Receiver SurroundEric Ramsey2
Help Choosing a ReceiverEdster9225
Digital Coaxial versus Optical CableArt Kyle14
What headphones are good?TB8
Cheap (really good) Banana plugsCharles Herbert19
Harman 7200 vs Harman 2005Edster9223
4 OHM car woofers on a home reciver....can it be done and how Cyrus11
Dpr-2005 vrs avr 7300Edster9227
Using car speakers with a a/v recieverengine giver2
Need Advice about Receivers -- Going crazy!Peter Galbraith40
Cover on new Marantz SR7500 for front a/v jacks. Can I buy a cover ...AudioVideoGuy3
Need HelpMr. Nerd3
Harmon Kardon DPR 1005 vs AVR 630Edster9222
Harman KardonZiggyZoggyOiOiOi6
Buying help....Edster9224
If someone said they were gonna buy a Pioneer VSX-1015TX what would...bustertn12
Denon 2805 - Denon Refurbished UnitArt Kyle2
KENWOOD VR-409 receiverNick2
NAD IR inputs and outputsanthony james1
Receiver/Speaker QuestionAnonymous6
Narrowed list to 4 possibilitys...what say you?Art Kyle50
USB to ToslinkStof3
On Jimmy Rigging a Center Channel . . .Eric Ramsey15
What about Bang & Olufsen?Stof9
Speakers for Marantz 2238BStu Pitt11
Home Theater Helpjake allan27
B&K Components AVR505DixLon11
Denon 4802r/ ampJustin Rogers1
Denon 4802r/ ampJustin Rogers1
Help with picking nice equipmentArt Kyle7
Pre Out to 5 channel Inwct113
Unassign Digital Out from TapeMon for Wireless HeadphonesEd Lewandoski1
Marantz SR 4400 questionShahrukh D12
Video in and out for ReceiverPeter Galbraith4
Does using a 5 channel amp in a six 6.1 channel setup make sense?Peter Galbraith3
5 channel ampZiggyZoggyOiOiOi6
Denon 2805, Marantz 7500 or Yamaha 2500Paul3
Vibrapods = Best Cheap Upgrade!Art Kyle10
Help: KLH to VCRAnonymous1
Connecting a PS2 to surround sound AV receiverEdster9223
Pioneer VSX 914 vs H/K AVR 135 vs. Denon 1705Edster92211
Yahama RX-V730gws1
Biamping with NAD T773 and test tone questionKevin1
Suggestions for a receiverbob anderson7
Can I use a High end Receiver for my Church?bob anderson3
Reciever for a poor college kid.bob anderson13
Denon Receiver: Help with Faulty Speaker Terminal??Jan Vigne2
Best harman Reciver for acoustic energy speakers? chris the man6
Arcam vs. Marantz. Say what???Anonymous19
Harman Receivers how do these model #s differchris the man6
Yamaha RX-V650 monitor connection - please help!Phi4961
Receiver Upgrade: NAD T763 2.0 replaces the Marantz SR5400. Art Kyle23
Sony str-895 vs harmon avr 630Edster9223
Help me pick a rec! need adviceEdster92213
NAD T763...Effortless Seemingly Unlimited Power!Peter Galbraith6
DPR 2005Purvesh Khona6
Digital Receiver - HK DPR 2005 vs Onkyo TX-NR801C A F5
Nube Tech question - wattage - speakers driven?Griffin Andrews3
Old receiversJan Vigne6
Help with Onkyo TX-SR602; Left surround speaker too loud in Dolby &...Baz+Baz+Baz3
Pioneer VSX-815-KEdster9222
Question for Art Kyle.....Serpico5
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