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I have set of Bose cube speakers (Not my choice). I would like some suggestions for replaceing my JVC receiver with something cleaner and more powerful. I wouldn't mind a refurbished reciever that is a couple years old. I am willing to pay $300-$400. Any suggestions?

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Dog you can get a Denon AVR-885S for under $400 box at Otherwise you should be able to pickup a Harmon Kardon or lower end Marantz or older NAD for that price.


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Check around for a Pioneer vsx-1014/1015. Occasionally you can find the 1015 for less than $400. The 1014 is the previous model, I feel pretty confident that you could find a new one for close to $300. It's a killer receiver.

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Chachi Dog,

look at Harman Direct on eBay, nice thing about them is unlike you'll get the full original manufacturer's warranty since it's coming from HK not some reseller.

$300-400 should buy you an HK 330/335, maybe even a 430/435.

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Chachi Dog - since you are stuck with the Bose cube speakers I wouldn't worry about spending a ton of $$$ on a receiver upgrade beyond buying a decent model with all the features you want as there is only so much "fidelity" you can squeeze out of your cubes. If it is at all possible, I would dedicate your budget to better speakers - you can still get great sounding small cube like speakers from Gallo, Kef etc. If that's not possible, look at the Pioneer 1014 / 1015 or the Panasonic line of digital receivers. They will offer you all the features you could want for respectable $$$$. Anything above that would be overkill in your setup.

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good point Markus, I forgot that he seems resigned to keeping the Bose cubes in which case even a $150 Pioneer receiver would suffice.

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today we tend to think we need so many watts. current (voltage) drives speakers and cheaper units must have higher watts to drive enough current to the speakers continuously.Older units-amps and receivers were built with higher quality output transistors and are able to deliver more current to speakers with less watts RMS. And these were rated for a minimum power output-conservative rating. Very expensive tube amps will only rate at 50 to 60 watts rms but deliver voltage to speakers with ease. Quality of sound is the most important thing, not quantity. i have a sansui receiver and a pioneer receiver both in like new condition with warranty. if you would like more suggestions or discussion email me at like to hear from you. think you are on right track - high end quality at a used price.
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