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Anybody actually heard the Wharfedale diamond 9.0s?Datch4
Help: Non-ideal Speaker placement sam eastman4
How to reduce Bose bass boom?Brijesh Luthra6
Cambridge soundworks or klipshJim-Bob McBobberts6
Venture DM1 standmountsParvez Ahmed1
Monitor Audio or Martin Logan, Seekin Advicetao li26
Pioneer speaker testingThom1
Let's make this the ULTIMATE speaker buying resource threadMyTmouse42
Any opinion on the Martin Logan Fresco speakersJonathan2
Speaker / Receiver Impedance matching - Help!Stealth C4
Speaker/Amp combinationsBrad Gabbard1
Mission m35i - buy em!!!!Arthur Kyle2
Athena s.5 good mix with Paradigm AtomArthur Kyle8
Question about crossover settingsMilwaukeeJeff2
Wall Mountsjet20017
WIRELESS SPEAKERS??????bumblebee6
Where do you buy Paradigms?Josh Slater4
Do you really know your speakers?Jan Vigne2
Paradigm Esprit v.3 internal wiringArthur Kyle4
Speakers stands from bar stock or tubing?Jan Vigne2
Coaxial vs. Optical CablesArthur Kyle21
Just Putting Some Info Out There...Paul11
Do Polk RTi6's have front and rear ports?Ryan Newbern8
Sorry i might be an idiot stillgot_scammed3
Which rear surrounds??Emil Yusupov1
Also looking for speaker adviceJohn A.3
Quad Electrostatic Loudspeaker 63John A.14
Minimum wattageEric Ramsey11
Sub/reiceiver/front tower speaker set-up ideasMarcus Lee4
Home Built Speaker BoxesRod M7
Please help.... In a speaker dilema...choosing between wharfedale 9...Danman8
Which spkr cables?diablo46
Help guysJames Longo4
Looking at Polk Monitor 40Kano29
H/K AVR 430 and sub questionBerny6
Buyers Remorse, Paradigm Monitor 11 V3mauimusicman25
I could use some speaker recommendationsRyan Newbern7
Are Sony speakers that bad?Ed N.31
Sony APM-510 SpeakersRod M3
So one of my friends dropped my new mission m32Just Me2
Mission M32iJelvis1
Harman Kardon or Bose??Jim-Bob McBobberts11
Heat tolerant speakers for sauna?Paul2
Any comments on the B&O Beolab 4000 speakers?My Rantz3
Speakers for hybrid pre/power combomauimusicman3
Need help in setting up home theatrejet20013
Trying to pick out Polk Audio In-Wall Rear SpeakersDale M. Wiley2
Any Recommendations on In-Wall/In-Ceiling Rear SpeakersArthur Kyle2
Ultimate Systemmauimusicman7
B&w speakers....DS5
Timbre-match or dB match??????Paul5
Paradigm Monitor 5 vs Reference Studio 40...what's the difference?RMS15
Aperion 422 $799 Systemmkrieger315
Interference noise in speaker systemjoe s schmoe3
Paradigm Studo 40 v2 vs 40 v3Arthur Kyle8
Slightly Used Paradigm Studio 100Joseph Kubiak2
Speaker advice pleaseDale M. Wiley90
Need help connecting 5.1 speakers with built-in amp to PCSimon3
Ohms matching on receiver and speakersAnonymous7
Sony SS-MF 750 H vs Bic America Venturi dv62si for frontsKid-A1
Computer ---> Mini system or CHEAP bookshelvesedster9226
Need speakers (as my main system) but run off of Apple Powerbook G4...Admiral Ackbar3
In-Wall Speakers (pls. rec.)Christopher Lee5
Speaker RefinementLarry R3
Help connecting my speakersDale M. Wiley2
100 watt speakers with 120 watt x 6 ampDale M. Wiley4
Help connecting my speakerswa05511
Just a lil advicePaul4
Filling StandsJan Vigne4
Marantz with Paradigm /or Cambridge Stealth C8
MK SpeakersMaurice Shapiro4
Denon AVR 2800Jeffery Burt1
Dynaudio Audience 50 or 52?John Thomas9
Looking for jbl hp 520Anonymous1
Monitor Audio Bronze B2 or B4?joe rally1
Need a cheapo subTarHeelFan18
Comparing bookshelf speakers...againFrank Abela2
Paradigm Studio 20sjimvm2
My dream system..i need helpAnonymous7
Mating Center Channel with Magnepan MMG/1.6Charles Epstein1
Tannoy fusion 2 verdict?Jasdeep Brar5
Klipsch vs. JBL for HTPCCory skoda3
Polk RTA 12b's? Anybody familar?stingray2
7.1 rear speaker placementJerry Norton4
Alesis passive monitors mk2 with 8 ohm amp??Nik Oik1
Mission M32ben197112
JBL Northridge or Infinity Beta with Yamaha Amp ?Jerry Norton2
Infinity primus 250 or klh 9250b?edster9223
How am I doing?edster9223
New Monitor Audio Silver RSLegairre Radden3
Onkyo SKS HT510 speaker standsCevlin Lang2
Which speakers?Walter8
Blowing speakers (not in that way haha)Paul21
Yamaha speakersSteve Zoran2
How do we report a thread?Shahrukh D8
Infilnity 7 Kappa SpeakersEndre Rex-Kiss2
Speakers sound unbalancedEndre Rex-Kiss1
Please help re: 4 outside speakers set-upJoel1
Let's make this the ULTIMATE speaker buying resource threadMyTmouse1
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