Marantz with Paradigm /or Cambridge


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I've decided to go with the Marantz SR5500 for my receiver choice but now thw quest for the speakers begins. I've narrowed my budget to 600-700 for a 5.0 system with a subwoofer added later. Two choices i like are the following...


Atoms for front and surrounds with a cc-170 center channel.


Either pair of MC400 for front L/R with MC500 for center with S200 for surrounds. Or three MC300 for L/C/R and S300 surrounds. Don't know which one will sound better but if u have heard these recommendation will be higly appreciated. thanx.

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Also considering the fact that i've started the DVD-A/SACD collection so surround is gonna be a factor too.

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For your budget, the Cambridge Soundworks would be a good choice, especially if you buy them from their Ebay store - they are fully warrented and you receive the same service as if puchased through the web site. I have the MC 300's in a second system and they are excellent, as long as it's not a very large room. You'll also need a sub with these. They are selling the Newton
S 200 sub for $335.00 (a 200 watt BASH amp) that's a very good deal. Here is the link to the ebay store:

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Good for you, the 5500 is an excellent choice!

Between Paradigm and Cambridge my vote goes for Paradigm hands down.

It sounds like you're more into music than HT? If so you might want to consider getting a quality pair of fronts with a quality sub now for $700 and then get the surrounds and center later on, if you want to get the best possible musical performance.

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well im 60 music and 40 tv/movies. but sq is a must rather than loudness. im a car audio expert so boomingness is not a fator since i hit 2000w with my sub in the car lol. sub i can always add later but right now im mostly concentrating on the 5.0 system and i rather get the whole thing together then add-ons later.

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OK, the Paradigms will supply plenty of SQ but being such small speakers they won't go below 60-70Hz so you'll have a big gaping hole for your low end, which will be especially bothersome if you like bass-heavy music or watch a lot of action flicks...even a cheapo $100 Dayton sub is going to be better temporarily than no sub at all.

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I would avoid Cambridge Speaker Works at all costs. Paradigm's the much better choice--all the moreso, compared to CSW.

Have had two CSW systems--both incredbly harsh and fatiguing (even though they were driven by a NAD amp).

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I personally like CSW, but audition both to be certain of your choice.
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