wich one of these are better huh

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completely depends on what speakers you are looking at by each company. I personally prefer paradigm, but that is just me.

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I myself also prefer paradigm as well.

Patrick O
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I'll bet "Energy" are a very descent loudspeaker.
I ownd "Sound Dynamics" 12" loudspeakers who are made by Audio Products International who also own "Energy". The "Sound Dynamic" speakers never distort and provide great deep base. The tweeters also provided perfect high range.
Recently I have been shopping for new speakers and the retailer (knowing I had Sound Dyanmics)recommended Klipsch or Polk Audio. If I could get Energy locally I think I would give them a listen.

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They both make excellent speakers. I own Paradigms and enjoy them very much. I auditioned many speakers but for the price the Paradigms beat out the competition. I listened to B&W and the comparable Paradigm side by side and liked the Paradigm better. It really depends on personal taste, application, budget etc.

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I don't like Paradigm speakers, they have good frequency responce, but the highs just don't sound smooth to me

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I own some Energy C-5s and a matching C-C3. (Just for the record the C-C3 is an amazing centre channel). I love the whole setup. I was also VERY impressed with API (audio products international)'s customer service. They did me a favour in switching the grill on maple speaker to match my older series of tower with no hastle at all and VERY nice/helpful customer service people along the way. They sound great and they are well supported I've discovered. I've had the C-5s connected to a NAD C370 IA for about 3 years and they're wonderful -- I couldn't have done better with my budget.

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I own a set of the Energy C-1's and I am using then with a powered sub and I love the sound. I auditioned the C-3's next to the C-1's and altough the bass response on the C-3's obviously was a little fuller and deeper, they just didn't sound as good to me as the C-1s did. I also auditioned Paradigm Focus and Titans and I thought that the tonal quality was all around better on the Energy's IMHO.

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Energy for me all the way.

have Yamaha RX v1500 receiver. Looking for speakers. Enjoy classical music, jazz. Would prefer natural sounding speakers to sound as if I was sitting in Carnegie Hall for a concert. Would prefer speakers I can eventually add to if I chose to have surround sound with a home theatre setup, but that is not as important to me
at this time. Please advise about speakers. Thank you.

If you want concert hall sound, go with Bose. The 901's are just what you seem to be looking for.

If you want concert hall sound, go with Bose. The 901's are just what you seem to be looking for.

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If you want to listen to a concert hall where the brass and woodwind players were all trying to perform while sick with bronchitis, perhaps Bose 901s might be a good choice. :-)

Anon with the receiver: how much you looking to spend? Only way to achieve this goal is to set a budget and then go out and listen to as many speakers as possible with the music that you enjoy.

What is "natural sounding" to us might be unacceptably colored to you or vice versa.
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