Need speakers (as my main system) but run off of Apple Powerbook G4


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Time for new stereo system for my home. Would like to use my Apple Powerbook G4 as the source (CDs,internet radio) and need some high end speakers ($350 - $450). (e.g. i came across the Swan T200A). i guess i either keep my pre-amp/amp (rotel 12 yr old) and some new speakers, or get self powered speakers like the swans. (Anyone know if i would also need a sound card upgrade - Echo Indigo - ?). Going this route would i end up with a good quality home stereo system (not interested in surround sound), or just "computer audio"? What self powered speakers could u recommend? thx

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I have no experience with using a computer as a hi-fi source component but I can say the source has a significant impact on quality.

I don't know how far computer audio has come but judging from the amount of products, applications and level of sophistication nowadays , I'm sure it is a respectable level of fidelity.

For Internet radio, the lossy compression of MP3s gives me pause as to the need for expensive speakers and amplification. But only you and your ears can make that judgement calls.

The only a self-powered hi-fi speaker that I am familiar with are the M-00's. Unfortunately, they are hard to find locally and are fairly expensive.

They are also not full-range designs (they are essentially mini studio monitors) so if you require something closer to full range, these aren't even going to be close (unless you also add their subwoofer). =1

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I am looking at the Swan's for my computer as well. If you find a place to buy them, or do buy them, please post your thoughts back here. I know the M200's are avialible on NewEgg, but they are a bit old and don't really look right with computer equipment.
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