How to reduce Bose bass boom?


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I just upgraded to a NAD 314 amp, and now I can hear how terrible my bose set up sounds. is there anything I can do to reduce that resonant bass tone. I have the AM-7 sub, and it's driving me bonkers. I can't listen to anyting electronic, it just sounds like a sine wave in my place.

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Change them!The better the amp, the worse your Bose speakers will sound! Sorry! Been there, done that.

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Take the loss and sell the Bose.

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My sympathies, there are millions of other unsuspecting consumers who've fallen for the Bose sham.

I absolutely agree with the previous two posters but in the meantime there are a couple of things you can do to lessen the boominess:

1. position the AM-7 as far as possible away from the corners and walls of the room.

2. rotate it 90 degrees, so the opening is pointing sideways from your listening position.

3. elevate the AM-7.

I recently upgraded my speaker stands and so I had a pair of 16 inch stands lying around, and decided to put my computer subwoofer (Logitech Z-2300) on top of it and turn it so that the woofer was pointing not at my listening positon but sideways to it, towards the conrner about seven feet away. Voila! No more boominess.

Of course the best way to go is just eBay the darn thing, I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding some poor uninformed mark for it---behold the power of hype in advertising! Even a cheap $125 Dayton sub from will be a HUGE improvement over ANY Bose "bass module." I'm sure you can find somebody who'd pay $150 for it, that covers the Dayton sub plus shipping.

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sell them and get into something else...once you listen to a true "full range system" (which the bose is not), you will never go back..good luck

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Dont mean to flog a dead horse .... but really, there is so much better stuff out there... that it seems like a joke to spend so much money on an acoustic nightmare like Bose.

If u still want to stick with it .. here are a few things that u can try (Disclaimer - I have not tried these with Bose, but these simple things work with most other systems)

- Get a foam plug for the bass port of the sub
- Dont hide it behind a sofa or something ... give it some breathing space, atlest 2 odd ft each side
- Dont point the bass port to the wall or your seating position
-Is your floor too slippery... sometime that causes the sub's legs to kinda slip a bit with heavy bass notes...fix some rubber pads to the base of the legs
- last but something simple ... reduce the bass a but in the receiver ....

Hope it helps..
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