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hows it going guys I need some help. I am looking at two different set-ups for my home theater set-up right now and I want your opinions as far as what I should do. 1-Onkyo 5.1 HT-s570 this set-up i have heard before and thought it sounded great and it is only like $260 from circuit city, next is the Infinity speaker set either the Tss-450 5.1 with 8in sub($350) or the TSs-750-5.1 with 10in sub($650) and the Onkyo slim line reciever TX-Lr552($379) with either of the two infinity systems. So the first one is $250,the next would be $700,and the last $1000. I wanted to stay right around $700 if possable or under but if you guys really recomended the more expensive infinity set-up for great reasons I guess I would spend the extra cash and get it. Let me know what you guys think, and if there is another system that is better for the money. I am primarilly looking at circuit city now but I will look anywhere else if there are better deals. Car audio is my specialy not Home audio but I really want a decent sounding system with some umph to it ya know. thanks guys.

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If you're going to be doing above say 70% movies and TV and you were really that happy with the Onkyo 570 then stick with it. However you can get the same system refurb for half the price ($150,

I probably wouldn't go with the Onkyo receiver or Infinity speaker/sub setups in any case, neither offers great quality for the money. Infinity speakers don't get really good until you get into their upper-midlevel lines, and any combo setup of theirs sold at places like Circuit City will probably not be very good.

Better would be: JVC RX-F10 ($230, or especially the Pioneer 1014 ($350 shipped,

For the speakers I'd look into these two Internet-direct brands:

The great thing about Aperion is that if you are not happy with their stuff they'll give you a full refund PLUS refund even the return shipping, so it's truly a no-lose proposition. The CNet review is also a good sign.

I know that Hsu makes awesome subs, but haven't heard their speakers personally.

The other option you might want to consider is get the JVC or Pioneer receiver and invest in some quality front L/C/R speakers and subwoofer for the time being, then upgrade later on when you have the cash.

For instance, a pair of Ascend 170s and one Ascend 340 center ($630 shipped, with a Dayton subwoofer ($150 shipped, and the JVC receiver would be just at $1K, you can always add cheapo Polk R15s as surrounds for $100 a pair (surrounds you can scrimp on, they do maybe 15% of the work). Then upgrade the subwoofer later on, maybe to a Hsu or SVS for $400-600.

It's amazing what a huge difference good quality speakers across the front can make.

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On the budget point, there is no reason why you would have to spend more than 700 bucks if you think that the $250 Onkyo system sounds great. The only person you need to please is yourself after all (perhaps your spouse, but that is secondary).

If you have time, give a few other systems a listen that are within your budget. Since you live in the area, Ill throw out Cambridge Soundworks since they do some pretty cheap package deals that sound pretty good. If you think other speakers offer something the Onkyo doesnt, go for it. Otherwise, stick with the Onkyo.

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cool thanks guys. yeah I think the onko system sounds good the only thing I would change is the sub. I think I might look into a 12in dedicated sub for my lows not the 8in that the system comes with. But thanks again.
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