Ohms matching on receiver and speakers


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Someone please help me,

Just got a new Yamaha RX-V1500 receiver. Unfortunately can not afford to get new speakers for system right now, at least the ones I think I want.
I e-mailed Yamaha about using my old speakers and they said to make sure they were eight ohm impedance or I may damage receiver. I have a pair of Mini Advents with subwoofer and can not find the impedance on them anywhere? Anybody out there have any suggestions?

By the way, leaning towards a set of polks for surround sytem. The 6750 set seems reasonable for now, once again I am open to suggestions.



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If your speakers were a different impedance than the receiver was rated for, they would still work and probably wouldn't damage it. If you really wanted to, you could put an ohm meter to the speakers, which would give you the DC resistance of it. If it says anything above 6 ohms then it means its probably an 8 ohm speaker.

The Yamaha RX-V1500 looks like a nice receiver, and probably wouldn't get damaged by a 4 ohm speaker. I have a Pioneer VSX-D513S receiver from the mid 90s and it recommended 8 to 16 ohm speakers only... I used it in a party with 4 pairs of 8 ohm speakers in parallel, which works out to 2 ohms. (Had a party that night and other people brought their speakers). Played it loud for about 8 hours, I would guess 200 watts per side constant peaking at about 300. It got extremely hot but it worked. (btw it still works)

So.. you plan to buy these new speakers in the next 3 months or so, you should be fine, just don't play loud loud music for very long like I did at that party.. poor receiver :-(

You should be fine if its just temorary :-)

hope this helped

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If Yamaha say not to go below 8 ohm, then don't. I'm surprised at their response since I know Yamaha amps can cope with heavier loads of 4 ohms but if that's their stance now, then you won't be very happy if they get you to pay for damage if anything should go wrong.

Checking the DC resistance will give you an idea if your speakers are at least in the right ballpark. They should read above 6 ohms for an 8 ohm load. Below 6 ohms is usually an indication of a 4 ohm speaker.


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On most Yamaha recievers there is a switch on the back to move to 4ohm speakers if you have to do that.

I have extensive experience with Yammy receivers, with the rxv-1500 the impedance selector is in the on-screen display but FALLSINQUESTION could be right also, it depends on how high you go in the RXV_series.

Ive got three Yamaha's myself!

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Thanks for all your help. ended up buying polk rm6700. i am very happy although my wife and checking account are not!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hi Greg, sorry for hijacking your thread. We have the same receiver and the same situation regarding the speakers(no funds at the moment :-) ). I have a Bose Am 10 series III and I'm planning to use this for the moment. I also read in another forum that the cube speakers has 6 ohms specs though I sent an email to Bose to confirm. Now my question is, after I have set the receiver to 6 ohms to match the current specs in the cubes, is it ok to use the current AM 10 setup.. Thanks....
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