Let's make this the ULTIMATE speaker buying resource thread


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Hi everyone! I've been wanting to buy a home theatre system for AGES and now's the time. I've spent countless hours reading through various related websites and forums like this one. I can say that the people here are very well educated/experienced in this matter.

It can be quite frustrating to find a wealth of information when it comes to speakers. Myself, I like to buy the best you can get for a certain price. The idea behind this thread is to post as many links to websites that can point people in the right direction...what's the point of having dozens of threads when you can have it all in one?

I'll post a few of the sites I've found to be useful...to me, I prefer websites that have various categories of speakers and rate them according to value, sound quality, etc. I've seen countless posts about "what's the best speakers under $500"...if you know a website or magazine that publishes information on this then let's have it!

I'll let ya know what I'm thinking about for the moment...as well as some questions I'm sure a few people know.

For my receiver I've decided on the Yamaha RX-V2500...I liked the look, sound, and features of this receiver...it's at the upper limit of my price range.

Now for the harder part...I too am having a bit of trouble deciding on what speakers I want to get. I can only afford to get just a set of bookshelf speakers now (I'm staying away from floor-standing because of size, weight, etc.) the price limit I'm looking at is about $600CDN (or about $500US) I am willing to up that by about $100 or so but only if the speakers are REALLY good. I figure this is a decent price as a lot of speakers in this field have great sound quality.

**the most important feature is overall sound quality. I will be using the system (I'll be getting other speakers later as finances allow) for about 50% Music/Movies

**the next most important (as I'll initially only have 2 speakers) is bass response. Ideally, I want tight, deep bass..or the best you can get anyhow.

my ideas for speakers right now (this can change with your help) is...

Energy Connoisseur C3 bookshelf

PSB Image B25

Paradigm Monitor 5

if anyone has other/better suggestions I'd love to hear them. Feedback from people who own these speakers is also welcome.

This is to the benefit of everyone I hope. it would be great to have a few places needed to go for this kind of information.

I don't know anything about decent stereo equipment magazines so I'll just give you some websites I've come across. Thank you everyone for your time...hopefully this will be a fast-growing thread!





that's all I can remember for now. If i find more then I'll definately post the information.

Oh, one last question...I don't know wether to buy metal speaker stands or wood...of the the salespersons I talked to said to go for wood because it better reproduces the sonic soundstage..is this true? If so I could definately do well here because my best friend is an excellent carpenter/furniture maker...I'm guessing heavy, hard wood would be the best
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