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I was just curious, are there any good sources on how to build your own home speaker boxes? I know there is alot to consider as the wrong size box can really affect sound quality, etc but I was always interested in this for along time and would like to consider this option.

I can't even find companies that make premade speaker boxes as well.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Rod M.

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I would reccomend goingto google and typing in diy speaker boxes

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http://search.barnesandnoble.com/bookSearch/isbnInquiry.asp?sourceid=00412886888 072639324&ISBN=1882580338&bfdate=03-28-2005+18:34:38


That's a start.


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I will check it all out and I appreciate the assistance.


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Thank you for the help & assistance I will check it all out and see where it leads!


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I have had a little experience in building speakers, although it was many years ago. It is a good hobby, but may not end up saving much money or producing good sounding speakers!

My first speaker cabinets, made of 1" thick chipboard, ended up as axle-stands for my father's Land Rover. They would support half a ton (each) easily but not good at providing music.

I then tried using some kit cabinets, for which I purchased KEF B110 and T27 drive units (as used in the famous BBC LS3/5A, which even they had problems with). These were used with 'off the shelf' 3kHz crossover units. These didn't sound too good either. I purchased an old dual-trace oscilloscope and a decent microphone to measure the output against input from a (home-made) signal generator. From the results of my tests I was then able to build a special crossover which limited the output at around 1.2 kHz. Would have been cheaper to buy the commercial equivalent -- and probably better as well.

Some time later, I made some cabinets out of concrete. I don't remember the drive units I used for those. They were pretty good, actually. Though not easy to move around.

Although loudspeakers appear to be simple beasts, it is difficult to get them to sound good. The Japanese seem to find it very difficult, despite spending many millions on design.

Probably best if you get a complete kit to start off with. All the components will be supposed to work well with each other. Before you buy, check out user feedback by searching on forums such as DIYAudio.com.

I'm toying with the idea of building some horn type loudspeakers, when I get time. Lowther have some designs on their website. But they require considerable woodworking skill. The great thing about these type is that only one full-range driver is used, so no crossover is needed and thus avoids many problems.

Good Luck,

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Sounds like you really experimented, I still am giving it some thought and will have to weigh all the POS's and NEG's

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