Which speakers?


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I am trying to put together a hometheater system, but I need three surround speakers. But I also need the cheapest speakers possible but not get totally krudy speakers.


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I can recommend the Sony SS-MB350H bookshelves, very nice size but you need to buy hardware if you want to wall mount them, so I put mine on high stands.

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pardigm atoms

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Fluance has some fine choices as well.

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Paradigm atoms would be the best for around $200 a pair but for $100 a pair you could go with Polk R15s or JBL E20s.

I totally agree with going cheap on them since your front 3 will do 90% of the work, unless you start amassing an expensive SACD or DVD-A collection!

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if budget is a concern, find and listen to some Cerwin Vegas. They'll blow away anything in their price range. If you're into dainty and refined, buy the speakers mentioned above.

While watching 'the incredibles' I could see my 65" screen vibrating in and out..........they need to make screens 'stiffer' gosh darn it! The darned thing looked like it was flapping in the wind.

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Bomb, the divergence of opinion should suggest one plausible cause of action: go listen to some speakers and choose for yourself.

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I would like to buy small speakers for my living room. Also, I would like to connect those speakers to my computer from which I want to play music from. My computer has a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card. Could you reccomend some good speakers? My budget is 200-350 dolars. A have attached a word file with the sound crad specs and other files with piscutres of the sound card.


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