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Please help re: four outside speaker configurationJoel1
Speakers for cambridge audio azur 640aJim-Bob McBobberts4
Wire front channels to sub?dc1
Infinity/onkyo setup needs helpEndre Rex-Kiss1
Nad with B&wChris Grayson10
Help with speakers in cabinets....Timn8ter17
Martin Logan's are not for meNathan_Toronto1
Compact rear surroundsChristopher Lee12
Looking for new system under $2000Johnny Ness22
Intimus 422/S-8 Compact Home Theater System Sharan1
Can Speakers be used from an integrated Panasonic Home Theatre syst...edster9224
Small Room, Computer, Bookshelf Speakersedster9227
Surround SpeakersPaul8
B&W N805 questionFrank Abela14
Speakers help!Anonymous5
Gallo Nucleus 3s and Due for home theatre Rick Key1
Please suggest which size surround speakers to go with old 3 way Op...James Taylor6
Bose speakersLarry R6
ProAc Tablette Reference 8 vs. Amphion Argon2?wigglyman3
Cambridge soundworks speaker packageJim-Bob McBobberts5
Wharfedale monitor 138tgdjsk1
Polk, KlipschTevo19
Ns 45e yamahaTevo7
Speaker Stand AlternativesFrank Abela8
From Quad 12L to Quad 21LFrank Abela8
Sony wirelesspeter griffen1
Thx speakersKevin Loong4
Wiring In Ceiling Questionsjohn beck3
Can i put together a system of different branded speakers? Paul4
Those who have tried many speakersFrank Abela4
Need a recommendation....jet20013
Delay settings on surround back speakers - help!Timn8ter3
Speaker pairingsJosh Becvar4
W/c one is better british made speakers(e.g. wharfedale, mission et...Tevo3
Mission or JBL?redman1
Speakers for HK AVR 135edster9225
Mission or JBL for HK AVR - 135?redman1
Ohms and Frequency Response Range J. Vigne2
Speakers to go with Onkyo TX-SR602keshav_053
Wharfedale Diamond 9s or 8s???Shahrukh D23
Onkyo + JBL --> other room?Erik Rogers3
5.1 Speakers suggessions with JBL E30kothrush1
Fixing my speakers???TB4
B&w or wharfedale?Richard15
Subwoofer CableJ. Vigne3
Main speakers sensitivity matching for center speaker .suresh babu1
Polk, Klipsch & Cerwin Vega1st611
Sand filling for diamond 8.4Tevo8
Different brand center channel. Bad idea?AVNovice7
Forgot to remove the bi-wire jumperpetro dagger3
Older vs Newer Speaker Technologymauimusicman21
Buying Klipsch SB1, SS.5, SC3?Stealth C4
Sony Speakers R + LGavin R. Cumm5
Polk Audio RTi4jet20013
Running two 8-ohm speakers off my center channel?Matt Matcuk6
Mordaunt-Short ms914 sand filling cabinet? Ellison Go1
Your opions on these speakers1st611
B&W dm602s1,s2,s3.......suresh babu3
Help me find a good 4 ohm capable receiver?!?Peter Galbraith6
Ok, how about this set up?Gavin R. Cumm3
Surround/Sat Dilemna - What to buy?Timn8ter8
Sony SS-U511AV speakers..4-ohm or 8-ohm?lisadelapasse1
Amplifier Power vs. Speakers PowerPaul2
Speakers for Nait 5i, Nait cd5xcharlie5
Im trying to find the best 4 ohm with at least 192hertz home theatr...Gavin R. Cumm8
New SDAT Speaker released on overstock.comkenny Li1
Looking to get a pair of Bookshelf speakers.Tevo34
Does it matter what receiver you use with what speakersTevo6
Connecting more than 2 speakers to my hifi?Timn8ter2
How Many Speakers can be connected??1st613
Speakers for NAD Stereo System.....Kindly Requesting HelpCornelius21
Speaker Impedance, Your Amplifier And YouTevo2
A sub necessary for Athena ASF2 floor standing speaker ?Gavin R. Cumm5
Which better - DEFINITIVE BP8 Bipolar v.s. PARADIGM STUDIO 60 ?mauimusicman19
Does anyone have JBL Northridge E-20 speakers???Kevin J.2
Wharfedale Diamond 9.6Danman18
Monitor Audio B6 and BcenterAnonymous1
Thiel PCS's for $3,000?TimO'Mera6
Can a kenwood VR-4080B receiver power MMG's??Kano3
Surrounds for dolby digital DTS/pro logicKevin J.3
PCS systemAnonymous2
Harman/Kardon AVR 330Erik Rogers6
Computer and headphones for music & moviesSlade5
O-W speakersAnonymous1
New B&W 805 vs Paradigm Signature S2mauimusicman4
Sub amps, home and carnick19891
Use your telephone to burst eardrums?virkon5
Best surround sound set up for a 2000.00 budget?FloridaSun3
Norh speakersKano1
Home Theater SystemAnonymous1
Intermittent Speaker StaticLawrence Martino1
Sub replacmentGavin R. Cumm2
Infinity or polk, which one is better?Dale M. Wiley8
Infinity Alpha 40 Cherry WantedGuillermo Cuesta1
Celestion SL700quahog1
Paradigm Titan speakers broken?Gavin R. Cumm7
Trying to forget specs and concentrate on concepts........mauimusicman11
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