Ok, how about this set up?


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I may be in business, I have done some checking around,
Thanks to some good recommendations here, and how about this for a set up?

Pioneer Elite - VSX-56TXi, along with the Paradigm System Seven.2 speaker set ( it looks awesome) and I can use my 2 definitive rear surrounds for the very back speakers to get up to the 7.1 system I am seeking.
I already own the definitives and don't want them to go to waste, do you think they will blend well with the seven .2 set?

Another down side is I also already own a
B&W asw650 sub that I will be stuck with.
Any suggestions?

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That system sounds pretty awesome, i also have the monitor 7's and love them. the combination with the elite might be a little warm (lack some high end detail) but i have heard them together and would definately get an elite if i had the money. As with the sub, you can keep the sub you have and not get a paradigm one, or you can get one and sell the one you have. Enjoy the great sound!

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don't be too sad that you got stuck with that sub, as it is a tuneful unit.

The def. techs will do for now, but I have never been really fond of them, ESPECIALLY AB'ing them against paradigm. see what you think, because you can always upgrade them further down the road.

FWIW, the paradigms will sound FANTASTIC with pioneer elite equipment, they have a rich, smooth sound that is a great match for paradigm.
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