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I've read a lot of threads where the OP wants recommendations and I know how important personal preference is, but I need direction.

Here's the rundown:
College student, dorm room, computer, MP3s, DVDs, rock, classical, Creative Extigy soundcard (integrated on-board audio), and $500 budget for powered speakers or an amp and a nice set.

I have a Cambridge Soundworks 215d system now, but it's 3 years old and starting to crackle, hiss, and there are some frequencies that've somehow become harmonic for the enclosure. I'm tired of having a bass cube and weak sats because the balance is different everywhere in the room and at every volume setting.

So, I'm looking for bookshelf speakers that won't need a sub, but I'm still open to a good sub/sat set. I don't see many choices for powered speakers, but if I go for an amp and speakers, I don't even know where to start. I see the Epos ELS-3, the CSW M60, the RB35, and some other contenders. I want good quality of manufacture and good service, and great sound.

So, where else should I look? And, if I need an amp, where do I go? Show a newbie the path.

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You won't get full range in bookshelves under $500. Technically, no bookshelf offers full range (i.e. extension down to ~ 30Hz with no audible sound roll off). Just not physically possible.

NHT's M-00 are self-powered but they are also not full range. You'll have to add a sub (like their matching S-00). 1 seems to carry these and other NHT retailers ought to be able to special order them but their recent exposure might make these excellent mini-monitors more mainstream.

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Actually, you can pick up a pair of the Event TR8's at your local Sam Ash for $500. Link:

They can go all the way down to 35Hz, which should be enough for a dorm without getting any noise citations ;). They are also self powered, and bi-amplified, meaning the tweeter has a seperate amp from the woofer. Sam Ash should have them out and ready to be auditioned. Give them a look. Good luck!

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I went to the NHT site and immediately started drooling over their other speakers...the M-00's seem nice, and the reviews I've read are positive.

The TR8's look interesting too; I've found some glowing reviews. I'll have to check both of those out at the local hi-fi shop, if they have them.

Any other contenders?

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Also, what do you think of Aperion 522d's? Would a pair of those and an amp be good?

They certainly *look* good.

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check out this thread, the OP was in a similar position to yours:

You may also want to experiment with the Logitech Z-2300 system, and save your money for a much better quality starter system (budget at least $1000 for 2-channel) afterwards. Ample power for a small room: 40wpc sats and 120wpc sub, the most I've ever seen in a 2.1 PC system. I use the Logitechs in my home office and they are surprisingly good for the money---got mine for under $70 with rebate.

You can buy the Logitech at a CompUSA and return it if you hate the sound.


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Another option for a dirt cheap 2.1 system:

From the reviews and specs, this sounds like a very good system as long as you don't crank it too much.
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