Martin Logan's are not for me


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Hey guys,

I'm seeking some wisdom with respect to "simple" home theater systems.
I've just recently purchased a Toshiba 44NHM84 (it's 44") and will likely get the Harmon Kardon DVD22 player. I'm exceptionally pleased with the Tosh so far; although it's only 44 inches, it fits my apartment perfectly and I am satisfied with it.
After reading countless threads & posts on the HK22 player, I've decided to be a sucker and shell out the hefty wad of change for that DVD player.

Now, here's the dillema. I've got my TV, I'm getting the new DVD player/cables et. al,
now I just need to spend some more money and get a damn speaker system to enjoy all these new goodies.
My girlfriend and I watch a LOT of DVD's and we always have music playing in our apartment.
I'm looking for a "simple" speaker set-up that will let us enjoy our DVD viewing & music listening. I don't need the fanatic top of the line stuff (many people in these forums fantasize over the specs of Martin Logan's etc.).
Rather, I just want something that all of us here want - something that sounds wonderful and is a great value.
I know what sounds wonderful is extremely sensitive to subjectivity, but I'm just looking for suggestions right now and I value and comments that you can offer.
I don't need anything with crazy power - I live in an apartment. I just need something that will let me enjoy all the ear-splitting glory that comes in the form of my DVD's & CD's.
Thanks for reading all of this, and I look forward to all your comments and suggestions in any form.
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