Sand filling for diamond 8.4


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i own a pair of Wharfedale diamond 8.4 speakers.
i want to know if they can be filled with sand.
and if so what is the recommended amount.
BTW has anyone tried this. what are ur views on this. i'm using a Nad320BEE to drive them.

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I own mordaunt Short 914. Its sand fillable too. But I still didnt fill it with sand yet.
Some of the forum said filling it will remove the boominess and make the base faster.
But I havn't fill it yet.
I have a jpw sonata speaker stand. when I fill it with sand the bass of any bookshelf speaker has less bass. I dont know if this experience is related to our floorstander.

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As an owner of some Diamond 8.4s, I have to wonder where you would put the sand into the box. There is no opening for this (unless you use the reflex port on the front!), and the manufacturer does not (to my knowledge) suggest that sand-filling is an option.

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yes goose. it seems the diamonds cannot be sand filled. the only other option for me is to place them on a slab of 5 cm thick granite and then place them on three solid cones.
that's the best i can hope for.
give me ur views on the same.

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Cinder blocks from a home improvement store along with Blu Tack works just as well. And would likely be cheaper than granite.

Although, the aesthetics might be.. less than high end. But then, we are interested in sonics not aesthetics, yes?

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I recommend digging a hole, and covering them with dirt.

Heh, just kidding. After seeing the sand comment, I couldnt resist.

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Does sand filling the floorstander helps the sound to those that have sand cabin like ms914?

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If speaker stands/floor standers have provision for mass loading, it is said to offer subtle improvements in clarity and detail. Some folks say it even improves bass tightness.

By making it heavier, it may help dampen any cabinet vibrations or resonances. Also, since it's weighed down, it should couple better with the floor.

That said, room acoustics are more important than any of these "tweaks".
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