W/c one is better british made speakers(e.g. wharfedale, mission etc) or US (jbl, polk, klipsch, ietc)?


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There used to be a clearer dividing line between British and US speakers. Brit speakers were generally more 'laid back' with a fuller, warmer sound.

I don't think that is as true now. Companies like Wharfedale probably sell four times as many speakers in the US as they do in their home country, so have changed the sound to what they think the buyers want - a sharper sound which will stand out in the demo room.

This is probably more true at the less expensive end. The more expensive, the flatter the frequency response, as a rule.

Companies like Castle and Spendor still produce true 'British sounding' speakers.

Listen to a few makes and see what you prefer - however, bear in mind that the bright sounding speakers which stand out from the crowd could become tiring and give you a headache after an hours listening. I can listen to my Castles all day without a problem - and if a certain piece needs more sharpness I enable the tone controls! :shock:


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Loaded question.

The one that sounds best to you.

Is the better speaker.

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