Can Speakers be used from an integrated Panasonic Home Theatre system???


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Hi. I have a Panasonic SC-HT800V DVD Home Theatre Sound System. This is similar also to their SC-HT700, SC-HT790V, SC-HT810V, and SC-MT1 systems.
. -
. -
. - Owner Manual -
. -

Unfortunately the main unit (DVD/Tuner/VCR unit SA-HT800V) is toast. This is similar to their SA-HT790V, SA-HT810V, and SA-MT1 units. Specs for this unit follows:
. - RMS output power, 10 % total harmonic distortion
. - 1 kHz FL/FR 45 W per channel 6 ohm
. - 1 kHz Center 60 W per channel 6 ohm
. - 1 kHz SL/SR 45 W per channel 6 ohm
. - 100 Hz Subwoofer 160 W per channel 4 ohm
. - Total RMS Dolby Digital mode power 400 W
. - FTC output power, 1 % total harmonic distortion
. - 120 Hz--20 kHz FL/FR 25 W per channel 6 ohm
. - 120 Hz--20 kHz Center 30 W per channel 6 ohm
. - 120 Hz--20 kHz SL/SR 25 W per channel 6 ohm
. - 45 Hz--120 Hz Subwoofer 90 W per channel 4 ohm
. - Total FTC power in Dolby Digital mode (Band 1 % THD) 220 W

Could I use the SB-WA310 active subwoofer (and connected surround speakers) that came with this Panasonic system with another amplifier? I'm not sure how to work this in with the special system cable (K1HA25HA0001) connection to the subwoofer. You can slightly see on the diagram schematic of this system with system cable attached below (more fully seen in the owner manual linked above) that all the other front/rear/center speakers also attach to the back of the subwoofer. The system cable inlet on the subwoofer, the sole audio signal inlet, consists of a 3 cm x 0.5 cm, 25 pin (female) receptacle, with twelve holes in line next to 13 holes in line. The subwoofer is amped by a 120 V chord. Specs on the subwoofer follow:
. - 1 way, 1 speaker, Bass-ref.
. - Woofer 17 cm, cone type, 4 ohm
. - Input power 200 W (Music)
. - Output sound pressure level 80 dB/W (1.0 m)
. - Frequency range 40 Hz--220 Hz (-16 dB)
. - 45 Hz--180 Hz (-10 dB)

In the first set of italicised specifications above for the main unit, it appears that all the front/rear speakers are amped up to 45 W (back of these say they can handle 60), center to 60 W, and subwoofer to 160 W from the main unit.

Looking at their backs, the subwoofer's resistance is 4 ohm and all of the other speakers are at 6 ohm. Is this normal for speakers? I thought that your normal home speaker is 8 ohm. Any problems here? Should I solder in a 2 ohm resistor within the smaller speakers?

I have a good quality Onkyo home theater amp, with Dolby surround sound. In the back of this amp are RCA and regular speaker wire connection locations, including center, both front, both rear, and subwoofer.

Please let me know what I can do here. Thanks.

BTW, what's the difference between RMS and FTC Dolby Digital output power? What I can see from the specifications, RMS not only offers greater power than FTC, but greater THD. Trade off a good for a bad I guess.


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Easiest thing to do is go to a Circuit City type store, buy any ole receiver, take it home and try to connect it to the speakers. If the receiver explodes you can always return it and claim it was defective. If the receiver explodes and burns down your house, you can always sue Circuit city and make a ton of money.

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That was good.

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OH MY official authentic Paul Stamp Of Approval!!!

No doubt I'll be dancing on clouds for the rest of the week, LOL.
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