Surrounds for dolby digital DTS/pro logic


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i am wondering how these formats will change my purchase for surround speakers. i have read from fluance's website that the digital formats require matching of speakers all around and require the surrounds to be directionally towards the listening position. prologic allows speakers to be small and is better suited with speakers facing away from listening position reflecting the sound. if this is all true then would it really make a difference if i dont match the front speakers with the surrounds for the digital formats? i want to get surrounds but dont want to dish out the $200+ on matching surrounds. i would rather buy small speakers like the fluance sv6 or the bipolar ones. i have already started bidding on ht recievers and have decided on using xitel's pro hifi connector to hook up my comp to my reciever. this leaves me wondering if it will really matter what speakers i buy. any advice would be appreciated.

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Username: Touche6784

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can anyone give any input? i would appreciate it greatly.

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If your speakers are not timbre matched, depending on what speakers you use, the 5.1 surround sound you get would be from not quite satisfactory to terrible. If you watch action movie scenes such as the freeway car chase in the Matrix Reloaded with cars running from left to right and bullets flying over your head, you'll see voice matched speakers are very important.
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