New B&W 805 vs Paradigm Signature S2


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Trying to build my first system and avoid some mistakes. Listen mainly to Pop/Rock/ & some Country. I've heard the new 805 is awesome. At $2500, competing against the likes of Revel & Sonus Faber?

Wondering how it compares to the $2,000 Signature S2. I have a concern that with my system, the S2's may not be as warm sounding, especially at the top.

As a note, either way I must mount on HT shelves due to space constraints. The built-in cabinets are 24" deep and open in the back to the unfinished basement. Covered in the front with black screen. Am also toying with Thiel SCS3's for placement flexibility. I live in Lexington, KY, and Thiel is a local company.

Front end is a Denon 2910 Universal disk player w/
new stuff on order: Integra DTR 7.4 AV Reveiver, and a a Sunfire Super Jr. Subwoofer.

Thanks in advance. Would love some informed opinions.

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Tim, listening yourself will be the best thing, but the 805's are pretty good speakers. Revels have phase issues (as do most other speakers) and I wasn't impressed with the Paradigm S-2's for $2K. The Sonus Fabers were very nice indeed, drawing you into the music emotionally much more than the Paradigms. If you can hear the Green Mountain Audio line, listen to the Callisto's at around $2500/pair. Best speakers on this short list by a long shot in my opinion. Again, your ears/room/set-up will determine whats best for you. Good luck

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Thanks Maui,

What about Thiel for a good phased alligned speaker, which is carried by a local dealer so I could trade up later.

He recommends the SCS3's, since they are coaxially mounted, they can be placed horizontally in a bookshelf, if needed.

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Theil's are nice. Meadowlark too. But the GMA line really is speacial, in my opinion. Your on the right track.
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