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Experienced Audo guy-need Great Sub Recommendation GlassWolf5
2 JL 10w7 one ported, one sealed?GlassWolf2
Sundown sa-12Tony1
Someone buy my goddamn Tru Tech T2.200Julian4
Sub for hatchbackjoe durkham2
Substage for dodge mega cabKevin3
Dicken's CiderKeith22
Looking to get a one 10Michael Adams3
Justin bieber + 12" subs?Stavenm***2
New to this help me pls ?joe durkham2
Fi BTLs gone forever.. I think.Silver-N-Black5
Alpine SWE-1243 comments?!?!?!joe durkham2
Installing a new audio systemjoe durkham4
Visonik Vb3p12Paul Larrea4
Sub boxSomeDonnieDude3
Incriminator Audio?Joshua M. Jones5
Mid-bass box 1/4,1/5,3/4 MDF?joe durkham5
Subs and waterSlackinMack5
Need help with my subwoofer/amplifier please!joe durkham2
Heavy hitter here looking for harder bass songsjoe durkham2
2 dc level 3 18s 2500w 8 cuft sealed vidsbballa_kid4
Subwoofer help, need to know what the specs areLarkoth1
Box design help for a Custom 3hp 12"SomeDonnieDude9
12" $300 budgetbballa_kid4
Subwoofer thats good for rock musicDmex3
$700 Budget Please HelpRoland11
15" FI BL or 18"? Or does it matter?IgetMoney4
Advice needed for system.'97 Grand Marquis LSjoe durkham6
Polyfill cotton in a boxjoe durkham2
About subwoofer basic quote Paul Larrea3
Image Dynamics CTX124joe durkham4
Kicler l7 box helpjoe durkham14
New HU?joe durkham3
Need help 04 silverado extra cab 2 12sjoe durkham2
Subwoofer recomendationSlackinMack9
Best Bass BeatsSlackinMack1
Subwoofer recomendationelwood1
Subwoofer making pulsating hertbeat noise and not outputting soundjoe durkham2
Good partnerslinming1
Secret to become more confidencelinming1
Subwoofer problemsSlackinMack3
Taking out back seat, need enclosure design help!! 4, 8, or 12 12sPJ9
Looking for some subs to put in my carjoe durkham2
HELP 2 or 4 ohm confushionjoe durkham2
Need help with new subwoofer Vibe Black air 12" active SlackinMack18
Anyone home?Silver-N-Black3
Box Build Please help!dBlk7
Another Box building help!!!SlackinMack3
Autotek M12 4th order is it safe?joe durkham110
Best System for the moneyjoe durkham14
15" subSlackinMack8
This public launch an attack SlackinMack3
Alpine Type R 15' Box DesignSlackinMack7
SWR-12D4 12" Type R Alpine Subwoofer or Pioneer TS-W3002D4 12" Cham...joe durkham10
1 dc lvl 4 m1 15 with lvl 5 coil on 1200 rmsjoe durkham3
DD 9515d for sale or tradeLogan3
1 12" Type R or 2 10" Sundown Audio Ejoe durkham30
Long port length help...joe durkham7
Please Recommend 10" sq budget subSomeDonnieDude5
Flat-wound voice coil-vs-StandardSomeDonnieDude3
Joe Durkahm (sub box help)travis43
15" subwoofer making plunky/scratchy burp sound on most bass notes....SlackinMack5
Sundown SA-8 v.2SlackinMack1
2 18's in ford explorerjoe durkham2
15" subjoe durkham6
Polk Subs vs Infinity Subsjoe durkham2
My bass fades out when the volume is too high.joe durkham15
Help me choose a 12" sealed subSomeDonnieDude3
Xtant 121Marathon ProblemsMAA&P1
What's better???T-bone12
Massive Audio New WebsiteMassive Audio Inc.1
Is this a feasible entry level sound system?SomeDonnieDude4
12" IDMax, ported + sealed enclosureiwrk4satan1
Subwoofer flexSlackinMack2
Fiberglass Enclosurewhack44421
Sealed or ported gravity warzone-x 2500 watt 12" subs SomeDonnieDude3
Got a new system ordered... Been out of game awhile need opinionsSomeDonnieDude8
Solo-x 18" for geo metroSlackinMack30
Cheapest subs to dateGlassWolf53
Daniel BonhamSilver-N-Black1
Broken Subwoofer? Bad wiring?GlassWolf3
HmmRicky Lussier3
Break in subsSomeDonnieDude8
What's up guys?/?Ricky Lussier17
Bmw 323i speaker issue please helpGlassWolf2
Looking for a good SQ subGlassWolf12
Subwoofer box helpjoe durkham25
Help wiring amp to Components!VC238
Looking for SQL subshopvac10
Tuning freq ?shopvac83
New Build for 2001 VW Golf Hatch, Input please?joe durkham3
What's better than JL Audion Subs.Jack Death19
Best starter subs out therejoe durkham8
Honda civic si w/ nav 2009 stock infojoe durkham7
Thoughts or suggestions on a new amp/sub combo?GlassWolf2
Audioque sub question!!Jack Death9
What gauge amp kit should I use for 120wrmsChad Lee15
1998 Firebird Woofersted nunya4
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