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I am looking to buy a new car audio system. I know practically nothing about subs and amps. I know the basics, but nothing past that. I am working with a $700 budget, with that I would like to buy a nice set of two 12" sub woofers in an enclosure, along with the appropriate amp. I already have a 4 gauge wiring kit so that won't be needed. I also would like to buy a new head unit. Nothing special, just a new head unit. Could be $100. Also I would like a bass knob to come with the amp so I can control the bass outside of the head unit.

I am looking for sub woofers that hit low notes well. I would love sub woofers that hit every note well, but lows especially.

I drive a 2007 Dodge Caliber SXT.


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I just got a new amp, its a Nakamichi PA-1500, I am really impressed with it and I would highly recommend it to anyone, it does have a bass control knob. It costs $249 on It is 1 ohm stable and is rated at 1200watts at 1 ohm, 800 watts at 2ohm, and 500 watts at 4 ohm. This is real world rateings, actually I beleive it is very conservatively rated.

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Ben are you wanting all out loud, sound quality or what.

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Sound quality and loudness.

I am looking at buying the 2 kicker compvrs with run 800 watt rms @ 2 ohms. I was thinking about buying the 900 watt rms kenwood mono amplifier as well with a kenwood head unit. Found out it would only cost $500... would this all work? I want cheap stuff, but still reliable that it won't break

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Do you know where I could find a bass knob to use with the Kenwood KAC-9105D Amplifier?

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You can get a kenwood HU if you want but I would not recommend the kenwood amp, for sound quality I recommend Pioneer/Alpine head units, Pioneer can be had for less than 100 and I would put it ahead of anything kenwood can offer in the price range.

Popular choice for subs are the Sundown SA-12, to amp those I would recommend this:

The $700 also includes speakers?

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Those SA-12s are Sundown's entry-level subs, and they can out-do Kicker CVRs without a sweat. Good price too. Also, check out this site

Some good deals can be had there. Check these out. -sa-12-d4-subwoofers-%24130-ea.html

I would snatch these up if I were you. D4 coils is what you will need, too, in order to wire down to 1 ohm

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Kenwood amps suck. Seems like Every other week I have a customer come in saying they had a kenwood amp break. Kenwood decks aren't much better IMO. Alpine is my first choice in decks for durability reasons.

The box is the most important part of the puzzle, assuming you have good equipment to start off with. Box volume and tuning for the exact woofers is key. If you have any experience with wood, im sure you can build a box. Should cost around $35 in material, maybe a tad more if you want to carpet/cover the box. I would expect a properly tuned enclosure to run $150~200+ easy. If you dont have the money for a custom box, I'd consider settling with a single 15" woofer and use the extra money for a proper box.

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Buy two alpine Type r's and a hifonics 1200 rms amp, exellent sq and loudness. This setup has been proven for years.

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Donnie, WHATS UP!

Nice to see activity on here now.

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I would highly suggest hifonics Brutus subwoofers and amps. For the money they are a steal.
My friend has a pair of 12s square brutus subs.. dude they are insane!!
Im pretty sure they are on sale on bestbuy for about 65 each. They are pretty nice looking 2!
speakers i would go rockford fosgates as a brand.. You can choose prime punch or power.. what ever suits your taste.
Obvi you will need a amp for those 2. Let me know what kind system you decide to get.. GOOD LUCK!
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