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Once the Portuguese golden generation raids Quartet has degenerated to the point where you want to hire foreign aid, that in Brazil, Nike elite jerseysï¼Ćeven the lineup into the guy that can not occupy that this belongs to the Portuguese position but now this damn Employment Army!<br><br>Like Edward at least this long rooted yts people do not like the idea, they recognized the kind of players they brought out their own trained qualified commanders, like former gold generation.<br><br>They are always looking for the little guy who can be taught. But ghosts know is not a damn winger traditional Portuguese football soil deterioration, they are always able to dig out one after another of the wing lunatic, but did not find the standard-bearer is a midfield position.<br><br>But now Edward said he found that little guy in the field is tear opponents defense with their feet is a qualified Pizi. If you can, Edward wanted to know the name of this kid, all the Portuguese Benfica, will be out of a Rui Costa!<br><br>Just Aurelio Pereira found LIN Yizhong value of the old man, if you heard that expression joined Atletico rival Benfica look like the little guy? Maybe he would scolding the group of Atletico's management in their own homes, Cheap coach pursesï¼Ćbecause 50,000 euros, they have lost a gifted midfielder, lost future.<br><br>Edward every time the presence watching Linyi game will be in the mouth on the hang satisfied smile, the little guy's rate of progress is staggering, Edward also fortunate gave this kid had a 20-minute chance, otherwise if he made of it a miss.<br><br>But his smile is not a good thing in the LIN Yizhong's eyes every time I saw that look in Edward ** smile, LIN Yizhong will worry about for the next morning's training content.<br><br>The past two months, every time Edward hung up the smile on his face when LIN Yizhong will be added to the amount of training. That guy is like a day staring at Linyi training addictive, although Edward does not know LIN Yizhong has been in the mental scolded him for tens of thousands of times.<br><br>However LIN Yizhong in more than two months of training progress is evident, Edward clear what this little guy is most lacking in his training plans are almost always the weak link for LIN Yizhong in progress.<br><br>This kid is good, but not through systematic training LIN Yizhong always showing in some time playing in the streets to develop some habits.<br><br>Such as those often petty scraping some intercept subconscious action, these problems in Edward corrective change much, as if this kid has become a habit, how to say LIN Yizhong or unlike kind of childhood trained players.<br><br>LIN Yizhong playing more rely on an innate sensitivity, it is a spiritual expression of a football field, he was always on the court, Nfl jerseys chinaï¼Ćothers do not notice small changes to capture, and can be a good be used.<br><br>This capability does not depend on training can master, Edward can only say that this kid is born for football. The last Edward can not be bothered to go to remind the kid, as long as he do not make big mistakes, those small problems as much as possible, ignore it.<br><br>Even the kind of guy Maradona has a bunch of bad habits, not to mention the little guy, the football field can be nothing perfect angel.<br><br>A day filled Benfica youth base are heated confrontation, promoted to the first team, all in a desperate attempt, LIN Yizhong no exception.<br><br>Portuguese Premier League when they sweat has been opened in a big screen, but Benfica in the league is not good luck, they suffered a "door black" early start in the league, the start of a two-game losing streak in the league early it must be when a pursuer.<br><br>This has been achieved not only no way to Benfica fans satisfied, even the team's Chairman Azevedo also began to openly express their dissatisfaction with the team record. This public launch an attack is undoubtedly in the manufacture of pressure to the head coach of the first team, the German Heynckes has ï¼ĆElite nfl jerseysï¼Ćbegin to understand that the situation is no longer loose contract as if the team's performance has not improved, waiting for his only able to leave the outcome of the class.<br>

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thats so cool

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cool story bro

where's the MOD?
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