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Hey all checking in been a long time... Was unemployed for a long while (8 months) the got hooked up... They jerked me around and laid me off after extending my contract... BLAH! they laid me off the day after I closed on my house... and three months after getting married...
NEEDLESS TO SAY...#%$^&&*^%&E$#W

Anyway took a while got a new job and looking to get back into the audio game, sent a request to Dustin for a box, as he is the man...

Got my same CDT speakers still and my sax 100.4 and the 1500v2

I still need to figure out a HU for my 2012 Subaru legacy... must have HD radio... lol

Gonna go with a Fi Q 18 unless someone can talk me out of it...

Itll be a SQL setup and going to be woring with Don over at the showdown...

Need cable, HU batteries, box, sub, deadener, etc...

I am open to suggestions and stuff but dont want to mod the interior too much... CDT should fit the door and stock tweeter locations...

So anyway.. WAZZZZZUP

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really isn't any such thing as SQL. You either want a system that sounds good, you want a SQ system (which is designed for SQ competition events, producing as flat a response as possible), or you want an SPL car, designed to compete as the loudest thing on wheels in your power class.

I'll assume you just want a clean daily driver car that can get pretty loud. Good luck on finding many affordable head units with HD radio anymore. Ibiquity royaltied the market right out fo existence. There are some HD stations still around, sure.. but nobody is really makeing much in the way of home or car HD radios anymore, aside from a few models for the car, and some factory radios offering it to promote the factory stereo option at dealerships.

If this is for a Legacy, you'd probably be fine with a single Fi Q 12" or 15" I think the 18" is a bit of overkill, really.

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ight, just a term sed by sme to get across what they are looking for.

I will have o lookat options for a good HU then im looking to spend arund 400 on that... Potentially Clarion CX501 I'll addon the HD option. Seems decent...

I am aware a 18 is a overkil but i want something different. I will be deadening the hell out of the car with help from don over at the showdown...
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