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Just ordered :-)...matt henderson11
New projectTy McLOUD30
I want it::-(...Paul Larrea37
I had to plug a portTrevor Eaton23
Gotta love ash hole tech support lolTrevor Eaton12
Which set up?killer11
What happened to power4sound?Trevor Eaton8
SIMPLE-- two type R's or one type Xblaine westropp10
Pioneeredward Matthews5
Tuning boxGord kindt5
Pros and Cons or Sealed vs. VentedNate10
Suburban beating a mustang off the line.¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤11
Audio Gods Agaisnt Me.. Disaster Strikes¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤9
Starting fresh with a new setup! Need AdviceChad Lee2
Can i do this? run a 4awg and 0awg power or they have to be same size?Trevor Eaton5
New J's..... Arslan [w0ot w0ot]5
Quick! Need a pic from this forum! Arslan [w0ot w0ot]10
How loud?Yanks Fan5
What sub for 300W?clarence kelley12
Two Jackhammer, Two MTX 8500 10's, and an Escalade EXT??Colby4
Assasinsmat dope5
What jl amp??Reece Brassler11
Pros and Cons or Sealed vs. VentedChad Lee2
Pros and Cons or Sealed vs. VentedNate1
Fi's New DriverScott Atwell53
Alpine SQL?Luis Collazo4
Why would?84linc9
How much polyfill?Nicholas Obando8
(Video) For you DrivingrecklessKiLLa33
Vote: HCCA-D5000, ZX2500.1, T20001BDadam12
For Box Prosgoodie15
What are the advantages to quad voice coil?Andre Money5
A little Box definition pleaseNate7
New Box Sketch Up¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤14
Anyone have a db meter i could use?Logan9
OT: ComponentsBeN30
To overpowering?Ty McLOUD10
Box Build: 4 cubes @ 36hz for 2 12" Audioque SD2.5 subwoofers[...Rovin...]6
Some Qsnick6
Cracking wood?[...Rovin...]5
Got Some New Stuff!!!!!!!!!trey goettling8
10 inch suggections..B.I.G.G.S.7
I got a buyer for my SSX nd im looking for another subB.I.G.G.S.19
Google Sketch Up Pro 6Wolfman15
So funny! OT kinda[...Rovin...]3
Some baddass pics Mags, SundownsPaul Larrea29
Looking for a single 10"Pike1103
Looking For Good 15" Sub ComboKevin Holden8
Bass Mekanik[...Rovin...]23
Lookin to buyalex moorehead3
Build me a systemKevin Holden6
Subs for small places-Eric-11
Audioque SD2.5 vs. Fi QTrevor Eaton22
Another problem in the mix-Eric-5
What can i use to keep resin from stickin to a plastic mold?Marc7
Triple 10scal payne22
Quick questionsteven7
Car jacked;;Ty McLOUD28
WTF are thesek13
Need a Clamp meter?KiLLa6
Box ShapeBeN12
Can you get this off a cd?-Eric-6
OT: orion 2500Matt Kitzis5
150db clubTJBaSsMeKaNiK35
RAFFLE!!!!!!! $1 tickets For a RE SX 18"KiLLa23
Wall building tipsnick67
adire tumult mk1 on ebayKevin1
System 4 SaleaLeX14
Square or round ports?nick6
Cvrs on a oroin 2500dnick3
Sub Directionrichard3
Bi-Wiring-------experienced only¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤20
Or 3 15 inch kicker L7's-Eric-2
OT : Daily or comp. SPL scoresKiLLa6
Need Help With My New Epicenter!!!!!!!!!!Saucy16
FI x seriesTroy Duffy16
What Would Be Louder??Canaan10
Canaan Bangin' Screw3
Since nobody replies in speakers......S p L..10
Chad Lee Read thisPolo8
Port tubing?Chad Lee3
Sub Box?B.I.G.G.S.3
Amp fuse keeps blowing. help pleaseTrevor Eaton4
Bored...Paul Larrea2
Amp fuse keeps blowing. help pleasemixneffect3
*Ascendant Audio & Kicker*Qcsfinest9
My current set up. Sorry bragging ares down..Reece Brassler29
Looking for members for SPL team.Canaan5
Att all 15" Wangers Members about Member ProfilesBernyMacAttack7
Okay i have a thought.lolWrEaK HaVoC7
OT: remote startrichard4
OT . how hard?Marc6
Dampening question?Paul Larrea2
Ey driving u @#$4 @$%%^@#$^@^@^@Drivingreckless3
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