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I heard this weird thing that one amp is better than two...

For example:
Lets say you got two 15" subs that take 2500w RMS each. You get two amps that each put out 2500w RMS. I heard you will actually be louder if you had one amp to put out 5000w RMS... is this true?

One more question...
Should I sell my SSX's and get two AQ HD3s? The magnets on mine are different colors and it drives me nuts. One sub also has a bolder Treo logo and it just makes me go crazy cuz its not symmetrical...

So get AQ HD3s?

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someone is OCD with the different colored magnets...its cool tho, im OCD as well

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hd3s are nice but 2 amps is better imo less cross confliction and straight shot power to power to the sub

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what about the massive DMX 15s??

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nice subs but i think theres better for the money

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When you wire subs in parallel, the efficiency(sensitivity) goes up. For example, lets say you have two fifteens with an spl of 88db @ 1w/1m, if you wire them to one amp in parallel, the amp(mono) only sees one speaker with a sensitivity of around 93-95 db @ 1w/1m. But when you run each sub off its own amp, each see 88dbs. It simply means that your subs will reach full excursion at less power. My CVR's(15") are only 88 db , but wired all together(four of them) to my orion 2500d, the system efficiency will be very close if not more then 100db's.
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