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Good Deal or NoTroy Stafford14
OT-remote controlled helicoptersChad Lee4
Just ordered type RsJustBlaze1
Ascendant aresenal 15bulldogsm20081
Port questionSteven Norris6
CVR KICKERSteven Norris4
Ported or sealed?--------•3
Where to get 1 inch MDF?Wahl10
Pushing to hardBrandon3
Ported or sealed?|\/|aTT |F2
AudioPipe|\/|aTT |F5
Back|\/|aTT |F3
OT: My new favorite song Charles Isbell5
OT:Bass MekanikTommy Patzius3
Type-sAman Singh3
Ampsgage ware13
Box plan for 2 cvr 12'sCharles Isbell35
Hifonics or jl!!Brandon4
Which is the best way?Brandon5
1000-1200 rms ampSmitty15
ThanksSteven Norris2
AVA 15 for saleJay Mogyoros9
OT- Your opinions please!Muddy Waters20
Elemental designs subs?Paul16
RE SXMr_Kebo6
OT:Funny...Funny....FunnyMark Highland20
JL AUDIO 12w3v2 d4'sChauncey Brown4
JL AUDIO 12w3v2 d4'sbboi2thpick1
Best pair of subs for $250 or lessJoe Spose5
Diamond audio D612D4 vs. type RJustBlaze1
Treo SSX wiring...jake papa2
Just bought (5) 12" W6v2's for $1000, turned and sold them for 1650...ctmike15
New Car, New System need HELP....ctmike11
Alpine vs. JL Audio (mine vs. my friend) who betterHunter S18
Need to get the l7s movingaLeX4
Niche Audio!Michael Anthes17
Box helpBlake Anderson2
Zapco 360/4ed wall3
Sub grills for Punch P2's?killer2
New subsReece Brassler3
Check it outTroy Stafford3
Which would you chooseChad Lee7
Best budget spl setup???cutlassAApower7
Blown subwoofersandy F5
Crystal cmpx2 vs RE SXrob swingleman10
24" Sub ....B15
Subs/Box for an '84 truckkiller2
Bass tubeskiller9
Finally got everything the way i want it....[...Rovin...]2
Systems not workingCarAudio11
Another forum that I can't mentionmat dope16
Need some advice in 2x 12" install on Mazda B4000Seth Rupe2
Custom fabrication....?Trevor Meyers4
Descent Spl?[...Rovin...]20
Need to get the l7s moving[...Rovin...]4
Please help me out with this[...Rovin...]8
Aero ports on ebayChad Lee6
Will this setup have good SPL?Jes Sakmar22
OT : Thunder02GPpIMPIN11
MatrXX subwoofers?Tommy Patzius9
MUDDY WATERSTommy Patzius21
1 12" Arsenal or 2 12" cvrz??Steven Norris3
WTF is up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jordan Singleton2
Measuring dBsSteven Norris6
Arsenal 15 smellmat dope14
Alpine vs. Mmats vs. Memphismat dope16
The 15" kicker solobaric l7 is sitting on my bed.,....james caroll10
Amp SpecsJay Mogyoros3
OT: 17'sIsaac W.8
OT- anyone know this song?Trell8
Amp IssuesTrell15
Kicker Products for sale!Jim Mack6
Whatcha think about this?Trell3
SX 18"Paul Larrea6
Port placmentkillerzracing7110
My new systemJordan Singleton2
Price VS perfomanceMuddy Waters7
A8002v...Flexable Power?killer4
Rockford Punch Sub in Truckdan rollins10
Quick questionsteve3
Nopi killerzracing713
Audiocontrol V. Termlab whats the diff.killerzracing7110
Kenwood Deuce Moore8
How much is MDF?Kyle Obright7
The 15" kicker solobaric l7 is sitting on my bed.,....james caroll1
Audiocontrol EPICENTRE ? ......Tommy Patzius8
Hifonics Amp without alt upgrade??killerzracing7110
Next killer systemjames caroll12
What size/type of box for this sub?--------•2
How much can my amplifier handle?--------•2
4 ohm subs vs. 2 ohm subs???--------•2
Two 12" type S or one 12" type RDerek Moore6
How much is MDF?J@Yme1
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