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F/S Autotek MM4000.1BigOso5
WMD, TREO SSI, OR TSX???matt14
What kind of amp for these subs?[...Rovin...]2
CVR vs CVXTroy Amon4
How much electrical upgrades will i needkillerzracing715
Dd2500Muddy Waters21
3 subs 1 amp????andy F8
Is it okay to just wire 1 coil on a DVC sub?ty mutlow7
Design a ported box for 2 compvr 12'sty mutlow8
Do i have to do this to make it workTJ3
Quick question : please helpbassman38
One quick question, easy answer question.Steve H9
Box Question???TJ15
JL Audio 12W6v2 Cameron5
Subwoofer QuestionsJoe Spose5
Budget SetupJ@Yme10
TREO SSIJordan Singleton24
How hard will a DUB1200 sub pound?Jordan Singleton6
OT-CPU 4 s.a.l.eChauncey Brown7
Enclosure for 2 kicker l7'sgandu5
Enclosure for 2 kicker l7'sATF3
12 w3v2 dvc hookup??ty mutlow4
Good enclosure for Treo SSI 15Jordan Singleton4
Noob questionsJordan Singleton4
HzJordan Singleton4
Think I already know the answer but...Michael Cheatham8
Alpine Type R'sJ@Yme16
Subsonic feature on a-bahnSteven Norris6
Yet another box questionbassman35
Suggestions/Help here please?!?!?!Trevor Meyers10
Swiss Audio-Eric-2
Need a system that pounds for $500Matthew McCollom20
2nd Place With Sony!!!Steven Norris10
Is this a good setup???????Reece Brassler2
Good enclosure for Treo SSx 15Reece Brassler1
Wow 300 dbDavid West19
Box porting and directingmarshall white16
RE MTTommy Patzius11
Kicker comp vrbrooks robinson11
Breaking in a Subcharlie7
Help Neededjake papa2
3 subsJeff D.2
6.63 cuft (gross) box w/ interchangable ports for sale!!!JustBlaze4
DVD hooked into car speakers..rick quigley1
Soundstream SPLX-15ATF6
Que pasaTroy Stafford7
Best single amp or 2 amps to power (5) 12" W6v2ty mutlow6
Type r or P3?Robbie Kush30
Empire subs??Thomas E Miller3
DD 9500 or Adire Brahma or Atomic APXTommy Patzius17
Question about a slot portJoseph Young3
2 ascendant audio arsenal 15's or 2 kicker compvx 15'scutlassAApower36
Getting new system soon, needWahl7
I dont know what to call this???Chase Freeman3
Type r or P3?rick quigley1
I dont know what to call this???Blake Anderson1
Question about L7'sATF4
System finally installedkiller4
More SplTommy Patzius11
Is this Subwoofer worth the buy.Tommy Patzius6
$600Chauncey Brown7
Descent SPL?Chauncey Brown2
Descent SPL?J@Yme1
Need help deciding!Tommy Patzius5
Anyone selling a 15" RE SX?[Kéviñ_Previé]12
2 Type-R 15's or 2 Kicker CVR 15'sChauncey Brown12
Box 4 salejuliob2
Box for saleATF1
Which sub is best?Chauncey Brown9
Rockbox?Joe Spose1
152.6dBmarshall white8
Wiring in a seriesrob swingleman1
Kicker or mtxzach barker3
Beginner System For SALEJay Mogyoros4
Are These 2 Any Good?Loc_out4
Cvx vs sx vs arsenalTechnique8
Box placementWahl3
Mtx sledgehammer boxes??????Wahl7
Problem SolvedJeff D.2
Kicker?Chauncey Brown3
Exactly 1000 WRMS Amp, so alt can doChad Lee11
Name of that songTrell3
Which is Better?brooks robinson5
2 ohms x 1, or 4 ohms x 2?Marc MacDonald4
Megaloud Subwoofers?ATF8
System for $600J@Yme2
Bass Test tones....Jordan Singleton3
High quality stereo website...Kevin Holden1
What are the best amps currently made by directed.............blaine westropp3
Nissan stanza[...Rovin...]5
2 12" Kicker CVX vs 1 12" Eclipse TitaniumChad Lee17
JL W7 vs RE XXX vs Digital Designs 9012Chad Lee17
Ported Box Design.J@Yme26
Earthquake Holees 15charlie2
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