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Please help... subs make continuouse base when car is turned offBrian S. Moynihan1
Amps problems for RE XXXSuicideJack1
Any says about this ampAnonymous3
Looky at what i found on ebay...Anonymous2
Hz questionRam1500Hemi3
Running head unit amp and additional amp off rca'sdavid higgins1
New amp for my Alpine type xAnonymous10
Pioneer GM X904xdrummer032
Best amp for 2 P3's xdrummer035
RF CrossoversJC3
Need a new amp for my 2 12" MTX 6000's.lee bolwerk4
Mtx repairlee bolwerk1
Interfire IB-2400B What`s up with this amp?Rudy H Kalandros3
Hifonics Amp decisionFrancisco Recinos4
Sub/Amp helpJake Hill5
Best amp for alpine Type RJake Hill5
Two Infinity 1030w subs, what kind of amp am I going to need??Jake Hill4
A Newbie : Did i choose good components ?john james5
Orion amp way too hot??GlassWolf8
Why does my amp's protection mode come on so quickcolin griffiths4
Amp recommendations James Longo5
5 Channel Amp for CDT's?Naras5
500/1 JL Amplifier ReviewGlassWolf16
Multiple Amps to One SubGlassWolf5
Nakamichi ampsDozy1
Best amp around $175 shipped!Thrush5
I don't know what i'm doin lolalex8
Rockford amp any good?Water12
Need help pls!!Seth1
2 channel or mono ampWinn4
2.5preamp volts to 5 preamp volts worth it??Benny Boy3
ATTN: Jonathan or anyone experianced.....Juelz22
Major helpJake Hill2
? Amp..Infinity,Hifonics, Soundstream? Jake Hill2
I need advice with a rockford fosgate P8802xdrummer035
Check System/ Where to installGeorge Thurgood8
Audiobahn (A8000T)Alessandro Loynaz7
Good bassalex16
Hifonics amp for Punch p3 subsMike2
Vw jetta amp hook upchris1
Vw jetta amp hook upchris1
Yay!! i finally got an amp!!Stevie doo1
Sub/Speakers AmpAnonymous2
RMS questionDUB10
Newbie here, several questions about powering new systembrownnugen3
Jl 1000/1 & e1800DJonathan3
Two amps to two subs instSeth Addai-Twumasi1
Help!!! (2)RE XXX 12 "GlassWolf4
Amp displaying CURIamChris2
What watt amp do I need?Jexxen Trivic2
How heavy is the MTX 1501d ??Karamjit Singh3
1ohm 2ohm 4ohm?Winn12
Quick Q, Quick AnswerJuelz5
HELP.. Protection on amp?Quick Shot2
Amp for MTX 9500Alex Ochoa7
Amp Problem!Jexxen Trivic4
Alpine MRD-605 troublesIamChris2
Ina pickle Dozy2
Help James,Issac,Jon,Joe,Glasswolf Others!James Longo6
I need help installing multiple amps James Longo2
What's better? 400 x2 at 2 ohms or 800 watts x 1 at 4 ohms?Jonez7884
Fuse in power lineJuliusGA11
Crossover vs Electronic CrossoverRyan6
Hifonics Amps true or false?????????James Longo14
Please help me with my amp problempinifinina3
Noise through subs HELP!!Josh Arenson2
LEAD me in the right direction! (pun) hahah....Benny Boy4
Amplifier head roomJonathan12
System with stock deck?LivinLoud73
Sony Amp to a Single 12" Pioneer Sub, bridge?TheFilmMakinG19
Best amp for RE XXX????raybsatx12
Soundstream Ega-1400dBenny Boy2
Kicker ampsMike2
RF T10001bd or Kicker KX1200.1??LivinLoud73
Help on 2 amp hook upsbstuart3
Korea made US AmpsBenny Boy8
Phoenix Digital?, other brands similarAnonymous3
Amp + Powered Subwoofer with the same 8 gauge power wireWinn8
Is this possible?Chris7
James Longo amps again did you get e mail againJames Longo2
Hifonics to kicker??James Longo17
Two Infinity 1032w subs, but what kinda amp?James Longo2
What amp to buy for Mofo 12'sJames Longo3
Tsunami dual amp kit question, please helpMarco P.3
Amp/speaker problemTom Boshans5
MB QuartStevie doo5
What kind of amp should I be using?carlos casteneda12
Amp questionQuick Shot5
Which is betterJJJoey8
Alpine or Kicker L7Scott DeBaker4
8 or 4 guage?Joe Smoe9
help wire my 4 ohm DVC bazooka to eclipse ampKay Cee1
Got everything.. except the ampOso4
Soundstorm F-2800kevin dwyer6
AmpsJames Longo7
Help amps again jame longomichael alvarado1
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