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Mono amp??kevin dwyer1
I know this is the wrong placeJC2
Value of My Amp??Ryan Niedermeier1
JL 1/1000 { } 10001 bd RockfordWater1
Amp Power wire ???adam perry3
Which Kicker square subs are good?ROGER9
What would be a good amp?Josh3
Kenwood ampscuba steve3
US AMPs??scuba steve5
Amp problemsdaniel c harris7
Amp wiring DifferencesRyan2
SPL Audio?scott DeBaker7
Which amp should i use ?Mike5
Amp for 12" Eclipse SW9122'sJake Hill8
Car Audio InstallationKnacko2
MonoBox IV or Hifonics BX2005DAnonymous1
Wiring problem or is the sub blown?david hizzle3
Connecting 2 amps togetherOso3
Powering 2 AmpsKMARTXR2
Cool stuffKMARTXR1
Amp Power & Ground ScrewsKMARTXR2
Quick alt questionedogg725
Best amp for 2005 2 12" kicker cvrMike6
Glass help, what guage wires do I need?Jack2
I need major help and fast plzadam perry5
Amp question about channelsDoug Zator8
Got a New AMP!!...IT SICK!!!Jexxen Trivic2
Amp Recommendationsaudioguy224
Amp/sub connectionsInfinity_Addict4
Sound Splinter?!?!?!Stevie doo4
Whats wrong with L7s =(Ryan21
Headlights cutting out and blowing fusesE3
Infinity Reference 1211aInfinity_Addict4
Whats this song?Matt5
4 subs or 2, someone help me outJake Hill3
JL amp power 3 12"?Stevie doo9
Isaac is it possible to fry an alternator this wayIsaac2
Cuspids are the bestMike4
How do i wire my subs and amps?KMARTXR5
Zapco Z600C2-SL QuestionBrian Yorks1
Using a power distrubution blockJames canty2
Kicker amp, good or no?Matthew Kinnamont1
Isaac or???? HU questionHenry Padilla9
Power Distrubutuion BlocksAnonymous1
Planet Audio, Overall Rating...Alex Ochoa1
New help with new ampE3
Nakamichi :PIsaac W.6
One sub gets really hot.danny g821
Infinity amp turns on and off please helpsucre perez1
Built in crossoverJoe Smoe16
What gauge wire? help meeeeJoe Smoe3
Amp just turns off??KMARTXR2
Power CapJames canty1
New milbert tube car ampMark S6
Amp going into protectiondavid hizzle4
Rockford Fosgate 501S AMPBrett Davis1
Is hooking up 2 amps this easy?KMARTXR2
Autotek XS900.4 OR KICKER KX650.4 **Opinions Please**Bob Andrews1
A newbie Question...SorryKMARTXR7
2 2ohm loads?KMARTXR4
What to get to make my Acura Legend rattle with BASS?KMARTXR9
JL e1200scuba steve5
RE 12.1 ampApocalypse1
I Need help installing a 4 channel amp to my JVC HUBrandon Ray Hacker4
Cheap 1600.2 ampthe blob10
New ampBrandon Ray Hacker3
Powering 2 subs with one amp....DUB12
WHATS BETTER FOR POWERING A SINGLE 12" (A Pioneer GM-X552 or a Lig...bigdog701
Question with impendencesKMARTXR22
What Amp For 2 15" Solo Baric 1000 RMS!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!!Mickey Evan Powell14
What Gauge wire??Jack8
Running 2 12" L7Ryan7
Amp for MTX 7512-04Cameron Stillwell1
Building System Need Help pleasescuba steve7
Qeustion about Xant ampsbassfishing31
Noise problem, need some advise, please helpear hall wallace2
Amp repair (dead negative)ear hall wallace2
Question w/my amps and subsear hall wallace2
Multiple RMS handling subs on one amp?? is it safe??dude9
Amp wiring questionWinn6
Hifonics protectiondavid hizzle1
Powering a 1500 watt rms ampChris Person4
Kenwood AmplifierSeth Lowe4
Distribution fuse block, question?Ed C11
Do bigger fuses mean more power?'been had before'8
Best amp for 2 12 jlw3v2sscott DeBaker7
Why does this happenRedrazor7
Hifonics BX1205D fuse rating jacked up???Michael Anthes3
What other amps?Michael Anthes4
Amplifier WiringMichael Anthes2
Building my own Car AmpMichael Anthes14
Will this power them?Cameron Stillwell3
MY RSX TYPE S and my big questionAnonymous5
Sub to BridgeBrian Yorks9
Too much to handle?Chris8
Tube amps for a car?scuba steve3
Will this Screw up my Amp?Believe4
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