Do bigger fuses mean more power?


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hey i have an audiobahn a8002t, and its 800watts rms x 2, but it doesnt seem loud at all, in the amp it has 2 30 fuses, would i get any more power out of it with bigger fuses? also it doesnt sound like its hitting right, would that be more the subs or the amps falt, cause i have 2 audiobahn subs, and i was gonna get 2 alpine type-s would it make any difference or not? thanks.

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no dont change the fuses thats not going to do anything...that amp is actually 200 X 2 RMS at 4ohms
and 400 X 2 RMS at 2ohms and 800 RMS Bridged at 4 ohms...if you want to get the full potential out of that amp get either 2 4ohm dual voice coil subs or 2 2ohm subs..also try adjusting the gain and bass booster on the amp you might have it set wrong

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By changing the fuses to make them larger, all you would do is is make it so your amp could destroy itself if there was a surge of power, instead of blowing a fuse. The fuses are not regulating your power supply, instead, what they do, is to make sure there's not TOO much power going to the amp, as anything over the amount your amp can handle, will destroy the fuse, instead of the more sensitive equipment inside. What kind of wiring are you using from your battery? You should be using at least 4 gauge wire.

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joe, you are a moron.

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hey don't put anybody down u were once at a time where u didn't know anything

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when i was five maybe. if you dont know what a fuse is and what it is for then maybe you need to go over some basics before asking questions. anyone with basic knowledge of a fuse knows it is a preventitive measure for surges of electricity. thats why we use fuses and circuit breakers in houses so we dont burn it down each time we put a paper clip in the socket.

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"thats why we use fuses and circuit breakers in houses so we dont burn it down each time we put a paper clip in the socket."

You do that on a regular basis too? ;-)

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Many manufacturers use bogus ratings and as some of you saw it, the fuse ratings are a dead give away. No 1500W amp can produce rated power if the fuse rating is less than at least 120 amps, however efficient they are. Buyers beware...check out ....they seem to be pretty honest... 'been had before'
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