How do i wire my subs and amps?


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hi. as i am quite new to this i dont really have a clue on how to wire amps and subs. i have 2 1000w amps 4 channel, three jbl 1000w subs (4ohm)and sony explod 6x9's. can someone help me and explain thebest possible way to wire it all up? whats the difference between serial and parrallel and which is the best? what does ohms mean and what happen when they change in an install (ie from 4 to 2ohms)?

gald of any help and advice

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serial and parrallel are ways to wire two or more voice coils. the best one is whats safe for your amp. ohm is a unit of electrical resistance. as the ohms drop so does the resistance making the speaker more sensitive to power. picture this if you can.. you have water and a pipe. at high ohm your pipe is pressured and your amp doesnt have to work to get the water out the other side, but when you have low ohm the water fills half the pipe and has to work extra hard to try to pressurize the pipe.
the key to a quality system is pressured pipes.
you need a good amp to fill a low pipe. cheap amps spin free like a sump pump without water.

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what kind of wiring would i need to do an will i need another battery

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I don't know much about 4channel amps but I'd bridge both amps so you have 2 x 2channel amps. Then you have 4 channels... run one sub on each channel and with the remaining channel run the 6x9's... probably in series so you won't blow them.

just my 2cents/bump

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that will help you figure out ohms, even tho it says subs the svc wiring will apply to regular speakers as well.

a formula to figure out ohms is

series- take the ohms and add them together if you wire in series. ex 4ohm in series with another 4 ohm is 8 ohms.

parallel- i cant describe it here we go ex 4 ohm with another 4 ohm (4x4)/(4 + 4) = 2 ohm

as far as the battery, you probably wont need another battery, your alternator might need a bigger one depending on what size you already have

hope that helps
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