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I am very new to the realm of car audio, so bear with me, and i'm sorry if i say anything that sounds dumb, however, i need some help choosing an amp. I just bought 2 infinity kappa perfect 10.1's, already wired, mounted, and sealed in a q logic sealed enclosure. (Here's a link to the item on ebay: STRK%3AMEWN%3AIT%26) I know that these subs are single voice coil, 4 ohm, 350 watt RMS, 1400 watt MAX.

What amp would be recommended for this kind of a setup, oh i will probably be going with a pioneer DEH-7700 for a deck BTW, and how do i go about hooking it up? as far as i know i run one wire (red) from the battery to the amp, another (blue) from the amp to the deck, and a third (black) from the amp to some bare metal on the car for grounding. I know that that is simply for power to the amp, in terms of wiring for sound, is it just rca cables from the deck to the amp and then some good thick speaker wire from the amp to the sub?

Thanks in advance for helping out a car audio n00b!

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What kind of budget constraints are there on the amp? Anyway, about wiring the Subs, you need a power wire from the battery to the amp, and then a ground wire of the same AWG to the frame like you said. Then you'll need to run RCA cables from the deck to the amp as well as a remote turn on lead that you'll need to wire from the head unit to the amp. The speaker wire you use doesn't need to be that thick. 10 AWG should be fine. The colors of the wire you were talking about aren't standardized, the colors will depend on your wiring kit.

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well, i'm looking to spend about $200 give or take for the amp, i am more than willing to get one off of ebay or elsewhere online, as i am not in a great rush to get it hooked up, it's just kind of a project that i have going on right now.

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