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its werid i have a couple fans hooked up and i connect the pos to the amp turn on lead and the neg to the ground. the amps turn on and when i hit the switch for the fans and they start to spin, the amps shut off? any other suggestions. i want the fans on only when the amps are on.

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The amp detects a 12 volt source in the turn on lead, this is how the amp knows when to turn on. When you turn the cd player on, it sends a 12 volt signal to the amp, and it turns on. When you flick the fans on, either all the current is now going through them if the path is shorter, and the amp has no more 12 volt signal and turns off, or the fans drawing juice changes the signal, and the amp turns off.

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Use a relay.

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You might even be stressing your remote lead..good way to mess up your head unit.

Like knacko said, use a relay, you can hook your remote wire up to the relay, as well as a power wire (from the battery or other 12v power source). Then when the remote is active, it will send the power from the 12v supply to your equipment.

You really shouldnt hook up more than 3, maybe 4 things tops to your remote lead coming from the deck, or you risk damage.

This is what I did to power several neon lights, and neon wires in my firebird.

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i always wondered how u hooked neons up around the subs..

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